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Can data be recovered from a burned PC or laptop?

Although the FMS or Flash Memory Summit 2022 convention ended just a few days ago, the truth is that this fair had something else to leave us as a curiosity, more than a product, or well, more than a service really. The Ontrack company is in charge of drawing a disaster scenario with a question that you have surely asked yourself at some point: can we retrieve The Data of one SSD That is Hard disk that they were inside a pc That is portable Which was burnt?

There is no doubt that the products presented at FMS 2022 were truly impressive. Few novelties, yes, but very interesting, we discussed them at length last week, such as the 238 layers of SK Hynix, 3D FTA high density, Kioxia XL and more, but what if it all fails and burns?

In the event of a fire, can data be recovered from a burned SSD or HDD?


Surely you know a data recovery company when your storage device dies due to an ordinary failure. In these cases, it is quite easy to access the information, copy it and save it from disaster, but it will cost you a lot of money depending on its quantity and the complexity of the extraction.

But, if the storage device, such as an SSD or HDD, ends up being burned and with it its data, you surely think that’s the end of it, no matter how valuable the information inside is or not. . Good, on track is a company that is dedicated to recovering data from this type of problem and in the WSF 2022 He put on a most striking stand that we couldn’t miss. And it is that in said stand the advertisement was made alone, since the totally burned laptop that is on these lines was included.

Looking at the damage, do you think Ontrack can extract information from this laptop’s storage device? Well, the answer is somewhat ambiguous.

Time Is Key to SSD Recovery

Due to their nature and the materials that SSDs are made of, recovering information from these devices is more complicated. That is to say, it is not the same to get the data from an SSD as it is from a burned hard drive. Plastic and the degradation that NAND Flash experiences at low temperatures (little in terms of what is achieved in a fire) causes cells to begin to deteriorate faster and lose information.

Instead, a hard drive is made up of metalmuch stronger structurally speaking and also full of helium as a general rule, implying that at a pressure of 1 atmosphere or more it is not flammableconducts very little heat and has a very high specificity of 5,193 joules per kilogram. In short, it resists a fire better, even if it is far from safe.

Therefore, Ontrack was specific in saying that in the worst case it was possible to recover up to 500 GB in one day, so given the countdown of SSDs, the speed with which it is put into the hands of professionals is essential, not so much for HDDs. Good and impressive advertising in the best possible place around the world.

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