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Build your AMD PC with an ARC A380? You will lose 15% performance

We return with juicy leaks of future graphics cards from Intel, in particular the Intel ARC A380, which we had already seen. Just yesterday, in fact, we saw that his Drivers they were still very green, underperforming. Now thanks to the leaker @Greymon55we see landmarks where the Intel ARC A380 minor offers performance with a processor amd.

Intel is and has been a company with a fervent spirit of being the best, using every means at its disposal. both in the world of CPUs high performance and servers, such as in the processor sector video game; the company said Chief. Here we can take into account processors with higher frequencies than their rivals, better architecture and CPI or one node apparently superior workmanship. However, when it comes to graphics cards, the situation is different.

Intel and its integrated graphics cards have had many detractors

Integrated Intel HD Graphics graphics card

To those who bought a desktop computer OEM or one cheap laptop with Intel processor 10 years ago, you will surely remember the Intel HD Graphics. Launched in 2010, these integrated graphics represented a cheap and efficient way to build processors that did not require a dedicated graphics card. For many people it was sufficientsince they met to surf or watch videos on Youtube.

However, apart from a use very basic, these integrated graphics cards stifled almost all software using GPUs. You could say they started to become popular with SandyBridge and ivy bridgethe Intel architectures released in 2011 and 2012 respectively. We mention them because they were a big leap forward in IPC and performance in general, coupled with a good price, which made them storm the market.

Here there began to be many players that have been passed down to gaming PCs, since the graphics amd Yes Nvidia At the time, their price was much lower than today. Now what happened to those who couldn’t afford a dedicated graphics? Well, they had to put up with the infamous Intel HD Graphics. These were not only unable to run almost any game, but also had some Drivers very annoying.

If you want the best future Intel ARC performance, better not go with an AMD processor.

Intel ARC A380 Worst AMD Performance

This trend of Intel and its drivers has not stopped, much less, in fact, we can say that we are going to have to support them for a while. With the launch of its new Intel ARC in China, the company has seen a barrage of testing and reviews of its performance. The specific model is the ARC A380, which we see in the picture as shown in a worst performance with AMD than with Intel.

The performance differences are clear, with small variations in the 1-3% in 3 titles, including CS: GO Yes DOTA 2, two of the most played games. However, the thing goes further with 4 games showing a difference of 5 to 8%until the cases of 14% in Total War: Three Kingdoms and one fifteen% in Forza Horizon 5. Also, in Total War we see the Intel ARC A380 beat one NVIDIA GTX 1650 with a seven% more performance, something not encountered in any other game.

All of this has been tested to resolution 1080P, to see higher CPU usage, even though we totally ignore the CPU used by both Intel and AMD. Therefore, they could have used a latest generation Intel processor and an older, existing AMD Ryzen lower performance with the ARC A380. Or maybe it’s all in the Driversand is part of Intel’s strategy to market its products as CPU+GPU package to get the best fps.

The only thing that is clear to us is that Intel has ARC A380s with unpolished drivers, as these are 40% faster than a GTX 1650 in synthetic tests, but it’s a twenty% slower in games

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