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Broadcom Announces First 11.5 Gbps WiFi 7 Chipset

largecom announced that it was the first company to have its chips ready WiFi 7 for the next generation of smartphones, routers or high-performance devices geared towards virtual and augmented reality. According to the company, its chip offering almost double the speed compared to the most advanced chip today for WiFi 6E (6000 Mbps), which is added to further reduce latencies. Its high-end chip, the BCM67263, enables speeds of up to 11.5 Gbpswhile the most basic and affordable offers 2.88 Gbps.

Broadcom BCM67263 and BCM6726 WiFi 7 chips

“Broadcom is once again leading the next generation of WiFi with a comprehensive set of WiFi 7 ecosystem solutions. Our WiFi 7 products and various customer partnerships continue the accelerated momentum created by the billion WiFi chips 6/6E that Broadcom has shipped over the past three years,” said Vijay Nagarajan, Vice President of Marketing for Broadcom’s Wireless Communications and Connectivity Division. “WiFi 7, which focuses on low latency, high reliability, and high-speed communications, is the perfect complement to multi-gigabit broadband technologies, while also enabling the next iteration of the Internet and AR/VR devices.”

“In addition to higher data rates, lower latency, and better network capacity, it’s WiFi 7’s spectrum flexibility across all three bands, emphasis on the 6 GHz wideband, and new techniques like MLO that will dramatically improve deterministic WiFi performance,” said Phil Solis, research director at IDC. “This is valuable for many different types of products, and especially for mainstream devices like smartphones, which combine volume and intensive data usage in a wide variety of applications, in consumer and enterprise environments.”

“We predict that five years from now, in both the consumer WiFi infrastructure and enterprise access point markets, WiFi 7 revenues will outpace any other WiFi technology,” said Chris DePuy, technology analyst at 650 Group. “WiFi 7 takes advantage of the new 6 GHz spectrum. The emergence of 6 GHz is so attractive that we expect more than half of WiFi 7’s revenue to exceed any other technology.

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