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It’s one more chapter to take into account, a notch in the revolver that is consumed in a war where the main thing is to have control of the production of chips. What happened is truly striking and corresponds to a factor that pushed their sworn enemy, the United States, to leave them out of the game. When China the deals are closed and now the government of the asian country is putting the meat on the fire with thousand million to create more wafers for fries. Why is he going to launch such an investment?

It’s complicated to explain everything that happens in real time and in chronological order, but what you have to understand is that everything is a succession of events on a chessboard that will end in a war, whether military, economic or both. , which certainly isn’t in anyone’s favour, but…

Dependence on China and fed up with the Indo-Pacific


You have to keep in mind that China wants to conquer half the world, and that of course includes the West, but also Asia, and logically that is not well seen by superpowers like South Korea or Japan. The Chinese push brings enemies, especially when that country’s government is shut down on the ground under the guise of COVID and leaves economies with serious supply issues, so in a skillful move and worked for many months The United States wanted to welcome a new type of agreement: the IPEF.

Nothing less than the control of Asia and the Pacific at stake, 14 countries among which the most cited stand out. India, Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand among others, a whole region which is united by the same sea and which has a clear objective: to crush China.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the said country is under serious threat, since it has serious concerns with the West and now all the countries around it, except for North Korea and Russia, are against this agreement.

China, the billion tokens, and its goal


It will not be the minimum wage that will make this investment, which is all the more worrying since it is ISSN the one who is in charge of doing it, that is to say the Chinese National Silicon Industry Groupor in other words, the government is injecting money into a public company, which, on the other hand, does not want to be from the outside.

What China wants to achieve with this move is very simple: to expand the production capacity of 12-inch silicon wafers with a said investment of one billion dollars to double its production capacity in 2024.

Due to ASML scanner restrictions by Europe, China has serious problems with wafers and especially with lithographic processes, they are behind and will continue to be until they find the technology that Dutch do not give it. For this reason and given that capacity and sales are not in the edge chips, the goal is to compete where they can, in the 28nm with wafers 300mm.

Samsung foundry wafer

They don’t have the latest design or technology, but they have more workers than anyone else, working around the clock with few shifts and lots of money to produce. In other words, a microwave or washing machine doesn’t need a 5nm chip and is sold 20/24 to one compared to a GPU. They are cheap chips that suit their FABs, if they produce a lot of them for the world, who cares who dominates the technology if the whole neighbor depends on it? But it will not be so easy for them, since after the first steps of IPEF Samsung has already announced that it will invest 355 billion dollars, which with the change in our nomenclature would be $355,000,000the equivalent of more than one GDP of a small developed country.

The difference here is that at Samsung there is no date as such, so we understand that it is very long term, while China is only for a year and a half. As they say, a full-fledged war that plays with the supply of large-scale chips for the whole world. Will he succeed IPEF stop China’s claims?

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