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Beware of used GPUs! Many are sold defective.

Unfortunately and once again history repeats itself and like a mantra reality puts on the table the truth of the second-hand market. The catastrophe produced by multiple factors with cryptocurrencies and the fact that their control by governments is increasingly strict or directly prohibited, makes the cryptocurrency market GPUs of second hand explode in the air faults found. But beware, because the first cases of problems and defects in mining cards are already happening, as happened with the RTX 20.

China as always ahead. The ban and persecution of cryptocurrency mining has been slow to bear fruit, but companies and individuals seeing the decline in values ​​such as Ethereum have caused markets and websites to crash. used with millions of GPU units of all kinds on sale, with good prices and quantity of models, but…

The RTX 30 is starting to hit the market with flaws caused by mining


A gaming GPU is not ready to withstand prolonged use 24/7 and 365 days a year close to its consumption and its maximum temperatures. Mining, no matter what, electronically damages components, degrades them faster, and puts them under prolonged stress that eventually wreaks havoc and no, keep energized, optimized curves, thermal paste and thermal pad changes do not evade what has been said, because we insist, it is an electrical and electronic problem.

The best proof of this is the number of units currently being sold in ultra-populated GPU markets such as the aforementioned China. There are already many users who cry to the sky when they have bought GPUs at a good price knowing where they come from, knowingly risking possible errors and this has consequences.

In one of the cases, it was very striking, since a user acquired a MSI RTX 3080 REMOVE X for nothing less than 536 dollars to changea good deal that ended in trouble.

Second-hand GPU and its flaws: 2 VRAM modules and an in-game reballing


Surely we remember the output of the RTX 30, the temperature problems in its VRAM, the problems with the capacitors and the driver that came to lower the serial frequencies. Well let’s add this to mining and what this user found is that his RTX 3080 did not have 10 GB VRAM, not even 12 like the model released later with a 384-bit bus, but 8 GB.

Two of the modules were dead, but thanks to the new BMI and ECC the card was still working normally, so if it hadn’t been checked, it would work as if nothing had happened, apparently.

To make the card work again with 10 GB of VRAM partial reballing had to be chosen to resolder the dents with the chips, demonstrating that the extreme use of the board and the temperature, as well as the voltage, had broken the physical bonds of the solder. Obviously anyone who buys a used mining GPU is exposed to this and several other issues, so maybe a good price does not compensate for future problems this could happen with the board, which could be several or none, depending on usage time, conditions, temperature, voltage, and overall build quality of the PCB.

In any case, the card will have suffered much more than the average lifespan in the hands of any player, so it is useful to take this into account now that succulent prices are seen in the Spanish market.

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