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Battlefield 2042 loses 128 player preview matches “64 players are more tactical”

Since today, Battlefield 2042 has lost the ability to make Advance matches with 128 playersso now the Conquest mode is the only one that can allow games of two teams of 64 players each.

The reason for this decision is that DICE defends that this game mode is more fun and tacticalwithout twice as many players, thus avoiding chaos of 128 players and adding a greater emphasis on teams and individual players, which had been greatly reduced due to the intensity and chaos of combat that involves 128 people playing simultaneously.

Battlefield 2042

“When we looked at Breakthrough, we found the 64-player version to be a more tactical experience,” DICE said.

“Reducing the number of players here helps remove some of the chaos from the experience, and combined with the reductions we’ve made to the number of combat vehicles available, this means players are better able to hold the lines of forehead faster.” . Players will also find more space to work together and fulfill their individual roles.”

It is likely that the decision will also be reasoned due to difficulties filling Advance games of 128 playerssince we are talking about queues of up to 10 minuteswhile in Conquest mode there is no need to wait.

As of this writing, in Battlefield 2042 there are barely 1,201 people playing simultaneouslywhile the highest peak of concurrent players in the last 24 hours was 1,800 playersso basically the game lost almost all players, not to mention extremely negative reviews on Steam with 73.51% of reviews classified as negative.

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