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Bandai Namco, the publisher of Elden Ring, victim of a hacker attack

Almost everyone who has played Dark Souls or Elden Ring they will have lived through or read about many invasions of the Pirates. And it is that, during the game, if we had activated the PvP, invaded the game and broke the gaming experience, forcing the company to disable all Dark Souls servers. Well, now it’s not the game itself, but its publisher, bandai namcowho was attacked by Ransomware by a group of hackers.

Bandai Namco, the Japanese publisher behind many games such as Ring of Elden, Dark Souls, Ace Combat or Dragon Ball FighterZ, was the latest case of hacking in the video game sector. And it is that the ransomware group ALPHVor also referred to as BlackCat, claimed to have carried out a ransomware attack against Bandai Namco.

Hacker group BlackCat threatens to release stolen information soon

The group vx-underground posted on Twitter on Monday an image showing the group of hackers black cat and a few words without anything else. Basically a threat that the data they stole in the ransomware attack will soon be leaked. For those who don’t know, ransomware would be malware that stop to users access the system or its files personal.

Moreover, it demands payment of a ransom to be able to access it again, therefore, we can consider it as a type of extortion. The funny thing is that the first types of ransomware appeared at the end 80 years and payment made by Postal mail. That said, we don’t know if this attack demands a ransom or if they will directly disclose the stolen information without further delay.

The former is far more likely, as hacker group BlackCat released private employee data when companies refused to pay. Moreover, in passing this team asked millions after attacking several public entities like schools. Additionally, they are believed to have been involved in a ransomware attack from Colonial pipelines Last year.

Bandai Namco, the publisher of Elden Ring, did not respond to the hacker attack

Bandai Namco Attack Hackers

So far, the company hasn’t commented on it, not even to deny the attack or say it actually happened. For now, we can consider a high probability that this is true, since vx-underground has already reported other hacks, like the big hit of slip $. It was an unprecedented moment in history, since the member of this group that attacked large companies like Microsoft or Samsung was a young man from 17 years.

Therefore, it is important to confirm this to the media, in the same way that when playing Dark Souls or Elden Ring you report that you have been invaded by hackers. And it is that, there have been several similar cases in this regard, for example, at the end of 2020, Capcom seen several leaked future releases like Dragon’s Dogma 2. Another case would be Nvidia who saw how they got information from a huge amount of Games which brought forward the arrival of God of War on PC.

On the other hand, CD Project RED, suffered an attack where they stole the personal data of its employees and even the source code of Cyberpunk 2077, Witchers 3 Yes Thronebreaker: The Witcher’s Tales. Time will tell if the Bandai Namco attack was real, as at the moment we have little information beyond the threat to release the hacker group’s data.

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