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Axie Infinity returns after recovering from $625 million hack

A few years ago, in 2018, came out Axie Infinity, a video game revolving around NFTs and the Play To Earn game system. This game was based on collecting creatures called Axes that you took to battle and ran all alone token. Now in March Axie Infinity suffered a To hack of $625 millionfrom which they recovered and for this reason the bridge of ronin block chain.

Axie Infinity has had enough popularity since its release, although it suffered a major loss in March when its Ronin deck was hacked. So the game’s fame for being a Play to win (plays for money), with its “appeal” to have bugs NFT and fight for Pokemon, was wasted after the hack. And it is that the video game created by Sky Mavis suffered a theft 173,600 ETH Yes 25.5 million of USDCexceeding $600 million at the time.

The Axie Infinity Hack Was Considered The Biggest Theft In Cryptocurrency History

Axie Infinity Hack SLP AXS 625 million

This happened due to a failure of the bridge, which allowed the transfer of funds between the blockchains of ronin Yes ethereal. With this, your token Creamy love potion (PSF) required to buy and breed Axies, ok now $0.0037. We can say that the game is in full decline, even if the company uses the same strategy as when it was released.

“The way the game is right now is very ungratefula Reddit user replied in a thread asking if Axie was “worth playing for money.” “With the small SLP gains and the stressful arena giving two to your enemies [golpes críticos] in a row most of the time, it can be very bad for your Mental Health“.

This is based on creating a Ronin Wallet, purchasing 3 NFTs by Axie by $20create a account in Axie Infinity and finally downloading the game. All of this just to get started, right in the game, they sell you the premise that fighting with your Axies in battle, raising them and selling them, is a way to make money. But even his Axie’s Infinity Shards (AXS) are worth a fraction of what they cost, as in November 2021 it peaked at 140 euros and currently they are worth €13.35.

So, Axie Infinity’s decision was to reopen the Ronin Blockchain Bridge, on June 28, after the hack. Now it only remains to see how he loses more and more players and his low profitabilityseeing that they are beginning to see that they are barely earning.

Axie returns, but loses interest from most of its players

Thus, many poorly paid players, mostly from Philippines (average salary of $800), leave the game en masse upon seeing a decline in profits. Especially after the hack, gamers realized how vulnerable they were and volatile What is the NFT market and cryptocurrencies. Seeing the situation, the development team, Sky Mavis, tries recover the trust damaged by your customers.

To this end, the upgraded Ronin Bridge has been audited 3 times: by blockchain security company CertiKfor verichains and the last internally. Thus, player funds claim to be 1:1ETH and USDC, thereby committing to recover those thousands of Ethereum and millions of USD coins. Additionally, to date, the developers of Axie Infinity claim to have refunded completely the millions of coins lost through hacking.

Taking into account that 56,000 of these stolen Ethereum were WETHderived from Axie CADwho distributed the funds to the Axie community and its holders of the AXS. Thus, the developers do not forget what happened and the losses, mentioning that they are working with the security forces to recover all the money. They further add that if the funds are not fully recovered within two years, Axie DAO will decide the future of the cash.

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