Quantum Brilliance assembled its first quantum computer refrigerated at room temperature at the Pawsey Supercomputing Center in Australia. Not much is known about this company, just like its computer, we only know that it is a start-up company that has developed diamond-based quantum accelerators, and today they have assembled the first of them.

While it’s normal to see these quantum computers cooled to deep-space temperatures, below -196ÂșCthis company managed to make it fully operational at room temperature, although of course, the computing capacity of the system is unknownknowing only that it is paired with an HPE Setonix supercomputer made by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Cray.

Quantum Brilliance quantum computer

In a YouTube video, the Pawsey Supercomputing Center points out that the benefits of using quantum accelerators are real, and they are looking for ways to integrate them into the center’s hardware and software stack for better use.

Then we came across a big secret around Quantum Brilliance Diamond Accelerators, because This is information that is still under embargo. All I know is that the company benefits a nitrogen vacancy center in diamonds, which are believed to have the longest coherence time of any quantum state at room temperature. This translates into a qubit that can work anywhere a conventional computer can.

via: TechPowerUp