Asus saw how its motherboard PCB schematic leaked Wi-Fi Asus X670-P Primewhich will be officially announced next week, as it will be one of several motherboards announced alongside AMD Ryzen 7000 processors.

Asus X670-P Prime WiFi PCB Diagram
Asus X670-P Prime WiFi Motherboard PCB Diagram

Thanks to the leak, we know that on this motherboard the AMD AM5 (LGA1718) socket is powered by a VRM of 14 power stageswe can see the four DDR5 DIMM slots, access to single PCI-Express 4.0 x16 laneaccess to 2x M.2 ports, and most interesting of all, which is to confirm that the AMD X670 chipset is actually a two-chip configuration AMD B660 (Promontory) manufactured by ASMedia, showing how both will be installed on either side of the motherboard to avoid temperature issues.

You have to remember the AMD X670E chipset is identicalexcept that it will be used to quickly and easily differentiate high-end motherboards with access to the PCI-Express 5.0 interface for the GPU and a next-generation NVMe SSD storage drive.

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