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ASUS recalls 10,000 motherboards due to fire hazard

Although everyday PC components become safer and more secure despite their electrical complexity with each generation, every once in a while there are one or two particular models that run into trouble. Their identification is more up to the users in general than to the brand itself or the authorities that control them, so the problems only appear on forums or sites like ours. Well, today it was ASUS’ turn of a model that already had a problem before, the MAXIMUS Z690 HERO.

Well, if you didn’t know or weren’t paying attention back then, the latest ASUS Z690s have been continually in the eye of the hurricane. We are talking about all the models, but only one of them failed en masse last year and with that the fame spread unreasonably to the whole range. Now, HAS HIS and the CPSC They’ve made a move and it’s time to take them off the market.

ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z690 HERO and its problems leave it out of the market


Well yes, that’s how it will be at least in the United States, because according to the instructions of the Consumer Product Safety Commission of this country, it has been determined that this motherboard is not safe. The highest security watchdog of all these products and millions of others has urged ASUS to act quickly on this issue, because what was detected was not appreciated at all.

Indeed, the withdrawal must be done as soon as possible, both stores and usersto which everyone’s contact is necessary to inform them of a design flaw that this motherboard has and that for the same was considered dangerous.

Logically, the users are not to blame for this, so the brand will have to offer you replacements. We do not know if for the same model with a different revision or a model with similar characteristics, but surely the money will not be seen because it would involve millions of bills and payments.

This issue does not affect anyone other than 10,000 units As the brand said between stocks in stores and warehouses and users who already have it, so it will be a tough job for the guys from ASUS in the United States.

What is the specific problem?

ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z690 HERO problem error

Well, we’ve been using it for months, since late last year when PCs started spontaneously burning out in many situations with this card as the common denominator. The problem lies in an improperly installed capacitor with reversed polaritywhich logically implies possible excesses of temperature due to poor voltage regulation, and even that it ignites or causes burns if you bring your hand closer.

Although ASUS has always prided itself on its robotic assembly system, a small part is still operator manual work. The direction of the location of certain components such as the correct polarity to power the component robots It’s a worker thingso we understand that one of them failed to place a lot to provide a robot and the rest is history.

The problem is that replacing It only takes place in the United Stateswhile in Europe and knowing that the problem is the same and that a unit has already been located, the brand invites the user to contact the store where he bought it to process his RMA, since the first year is with the distributor and the second with ASUS itself.

The problem is that there is no motherboard ASUS MAXIMUS Z690 HERO With this problem, it takes so long. So if you have one watch it carefully and when you leave the house don’t leave it powered on, turn off the power button and wait for the resulting capacitors to drain before you go out.

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