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Assemblers don’t want to lose money, GPU prices will go up

According to the latest industry rumors, GPU prices will start to stabilize shortly and even increase in the near future. One of the main reasons is that Ethereum rises in valueadded to the low difficulty of its mining, and that the marks they don’t want to sell for less your GPUs.

“According to sources with manufacturers and distributors, the price of graphics cards will increase in the near future. 2 main reasons: The price of ETH is increasing and companies do not want to undersell/produce more than they need there are right now,” he said. . @I_Leak_VN.

The price of GPUs would soon increase

Digging into the info, as of this writing, Ethereum is in the green, seeing its value rise 6.51%. In whole numbers, for reference, if on July 13 Ethereum were to cost $1,019just 5 days later, it costs $1,456, its highest value since early June. Practically, in less than a week, its value has increased by almost 50%.

In addition to being in his best moment of the last month, we also add that mining difficulty is one of the lowest also from this period. Due to these two factors, it is already said that if you need a graphics card, you better buy it and stop waiting, because the prices will rebound to the point of spiraling out of control.

Ethereum value as of July 18, 2022

“Here is the ETH price and ETH mining difficulty (10.91P) at the moment. Remember, if you can afford the RTX 3080, buy it now. ‘It won’t go too high, but once it hits $2,000 things will get out of control.’

On the other hand, the well-known leaker @_rogame It also warns of what is to come:

“I see a lot of tech people recommending to wait for next-gen GPUs instead of buying the current one, which makes me feel like we’ve lost sight of what’s important 😔

A GPU is a tool.

If you need a GPU and found a good deal, buy it and enjoy.

Your time is more important

As we’ve said many times before, if you’re already buying a GPU it’s a pure necessitysearch for the best deal you see and buy it. Now, if it’s not necessary, if it can wait, or if it’s a whim, buy popcorn that the film became exciting.

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