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as fast as the RTX 3050

This is the first real, albeit brief, look at the performance of Intel’s first dedicated graphics card. And yes, it’s a laptop, but it’s a starting point to see what’s to come on the desktop and, as expected, it’s been tested and benchmarked against the more powerful rival, NVIDIA. how fast is it Intel ARC A370M and performance he can offer?

Assuming that this GPU is second from the bottom in terms of power and is therefore aimed at low-end gaming laptops, one would expect performance close to the RTX 3050 or RTX 3050 Ti, so from there to above all, it would really be a surprise. Unfortunately, the comparison does not offer AMD options, but we will have time later to test what this GPU is capable of with the new drivers that Intel is preparing.

Intel ARC A370M, performance almost on par with the RTX 3050 Ti


The data presented shows that Intel might little by little wonder that these pesky drivers really work. It should be remembered that we are talking about a GPU with 8 Xe-Cores and 128 EU what alberta 1,024 shaders at a frequency of 1550MHz with 4GB by heart GDDR6a bus from 64 bit and a consumption configurable by the manufacturer of the laptop in question between 35W and 50W.

This GPU was tested in an MSI Summit E16 Flip Evo and in various tests/games such as Time Spy, Shadow of the Tomb Raider or Metro Exodus among others, where the results were as follows:

In the 3DMark test, what we see is nearly 15% more than the standard RTX 3050 and a technical tie to the unlocked consumer version of it. The RTX 3050 Ti is really far behind, while the RTX 3060 is a world apart.

In Final Fantasy it lags a bit behind its direct rival and less than half the distance of the RTX 3060, although from the score it’s known to be smooth gaming at 1080p. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a little more benevolent with this Intel ARC A370M and its performance, since it is ahead of its NVIDIA counterpart by 9fpsbut once again the mid-range of the greens eludes him and by a large gap.

In Metro Exodus they are only separated by 3 FPS, but oddly the RTX 3060 manages triple the numbers achieved, something he also almost achieved with his younger sister. Finally and as a final test we have Topaz Video Enhanced AI, where seconds to complete the job count.


Here are the performance differences between this Intel ARC A370M and the RTX-3060 they are smaller and manage to beat the RTX 3050 without problems, being closer to the former than the latter.

Therefore, until Intel fixes or tweaks these much talked about drivers, we have very similar performance to AMD or NVIDIA for the same line of GPUs, if they manage to improve what is present via these drivers, they could probably surprise for lack of seeing the prices of laptops in stores.

VIA: PC World

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