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Are the Intel Core 14s postponed to the end of 2023? Its CEO visits TSMC

the hypothesis delay of the Intel Core 14th Geb (Meteor Lake) until the end of 2023 seems likely to move Intel. Apparently its CEO, Pat Gelsingercould visit TSMC next month to review its 3nm production plans.

future processors Intel Core 14 they were expected to be mass-produced in the second half of 2022. However, according to a report by DigiTimes, there has been a delay in the production and negotiations of the manufacturing process of 3nm of TSMC. This was to be used for iGPU of meteor lakewhere obviously if they are not in accordance with said production, a delay in the Intel Core 14 could be caused.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger set to visit TSMC in August

Intel CEO visits Core 14 TSMC

According to the report, Intel has launched a “emergency solutionin your plan production capacity for the next year. Given this, he mentions that Pat Gelsinger would be going to TSMC to meet the president Mark Liu and its CEO CCWei to discuss these plans. Thus, TSMC’s 3nm which is used for the integrated graphics card of future Intel Meteor Lake CPUs is in the spotlight.

If the Intel Core 14 is delayed, it would be very expensive for the company and it is that Intel and TSMC had already signed an agreement of Outsourcing which left Intel as a priority customer taking into account the volume of the order. In fact, there have been rumors that after receiving the huge intel commandTSMC has converted an alleged R&D center in a 3nm production facility for Intel.

It seems that the new node from Intel for their Core 14 called Intel 4, enters mass production this year. However, this node 7nm You won’t be able to meet release dates if there are issues on TSMC’s end, as they continue to rely on them for their iGPU using a multi-tile packaging design, each with its own manufacturing process.

Initially, the Intel Core 14 was expected to arrive in early 2023

Intel Core 14 Meteor Lake Delay Late 2023

The Meteor Lake processors experienced many delays as they initially had to beginning of 2023, to be then postponed to Second part of 2023. Now, if this prediction comes true, the Intel Core 14 processor could be delayed again until endings of 2023. It’s not something that would surprise us, really, as Intel has shown several delays to its products over the years.

For example, your Intel ARC graphics card, which were delayed, then, according to the first benchmarks, do not fulfill what was promised (at least in laptops). And as we often say, it’s just another rumor to add to the list which may or may not be filled like many others. So let’s bet: is Meteor Lake they will be delayed or everything will be fine?

In the most favorable situation where all is well for the company, the Intel Core 14 would arrive during the first half of 2023, while if there is a delay, they will arrive during the second half of 2023, rather at the end of that year.

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