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Are delid over in AMD processors? The 5800X3D could be the last

Let there be no doubt that Intel and AMD will go to great lengths to hamper a technique that already poses a risk, such as delirium of a processor. In fact, it may be that at AMD in particular the Ryzen 7 5800X3D be the last processor you can run fact with certain guarantees, as shown by the user Madness!, who, tired of its infernal temperatures, decided to get their hands on it and reveal its CPU. Why can’t this be repeated with the Ryzen 7000?

One of the main problems encountered by processors today is their high consumption. Intel does not put obstacles in this aspect beyond the YOUAMD as we already know limit by PPP, although it can be delimited manually. In the case of the blue company, the frequency is guaranteed as standard, in the case of the red team, it revolves around a series of algorithms that take into account everything from consumption to temperature, making a delid more interesting and necessary, but it’s also more delicate.

Delid the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D: 3D V-Cache, soldering and capacitors

We have already seen in the Intel Core 9 and 10 how its height affects the silicon and the temperature problems that could be generated if the die was too thick. The more daring modders began sanding, literally, the die to reduce almost 1 mm total heightby removing the protective silicone layer that these chips had at the time and doing something very interesting: lowering the temperature by a few degrees.

and with the 3D V-Cover suffered something similar, since it is just above the die in one piece, a single chip joined by SVT being the Ryzen 7 5800X3D a CPU with a single CCD he cannot balance the load like his two-man brothers do. As a result, and comparatively, this CPU averages two to three degrees warmer than the 5800X alone.

Knowing this for context, user Madness! had serious temperature issues, since even with high-end or AIO heatsinks the 5800X3D goes to the 80º C on average. The delid was his only way out and he succeeded, but not before warming up to 190º C IHS and break the silicone seal that connects PCB and IHS very carefully and carefully. That said, a key question arises for us, because given the capacitor system of the Ryzen 5000 and the new Ryzen 7000, are we talking about the latest AMD processors with a possible hairline?

The Ryzen 7000s complicate everything too much: it is almost impossible to make them disappear

IHSA® Ryzen 7000

We’ve already seen how a famous overclocker managed to discover a Ryzen 7000, although he didn’t show how the CPU works after the relid, but we saw some interesting things. First, the capacitors surrounding by three of the four sides each side of the processor make it very difficult to insert a blade as such.

One mistake, one misstep, too much pressure and you could have a very expensive paperweight in your hands. Due to the design implemented by AMD, the high quality silicone used by Lisa Su’s team is only present in certain places and in very small quantities. Of the 8 anchors that the IHS only has 7 have silicone and as we said these are very small dots that hold the IHS with the optimum pressure to make a good weld.


Therefore, performing a peel now seems to be more of a precision scalpel and horizontal peel motion before heating the solder, than a traditional peel on AMD CPUs. The problem, as they say, is that it’s no longer a beginner’s technique like it used to be. Precision in the Ryzen 7000 is going to be keyexercising the right movement to also uncover the processor, because if we move the IHS horizontally to break the thermal bond of the solder, we can carry not one, but several capacitors.

In addition, the turn of the IHS on its axis to break the bridges is also excluded for the same reasons… To say the least complicated, not impossible, but it is no longer so simple and now it will take expert hands that risk their reputations not only to go crazy, but to let the processor work in perfect conditions. Anyway, the delid at 5800X3D it is possible and it may be the last processor to do it easily.

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