Apple has warned developers that it will remove apps from the App Store if they haven’t had an update for three years. Following the announcement, the company offered 90 day margin for developers to update their apps before they are removed from the platform.

This measurement began last weekend, when Apple published a update your policy explaining that requests that do not reach a minimal downloads in a period of 12 months They also run the risk of being removed from store.

This is not new, since the company itself proudly claims that this type of measure they managed to kill 2.8 million apps not very useful in the past 6 years. In fact, Apple reinforces its position by adding that thanks to this new policy, “renewed” apps work for the vast majority of users and are compatible with the latest security and privacy innovations.

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Affected developers will have 90 days to adapt to the measures, an improvement over the 30 days offered Apple before. However, apps removed from App Store will not be removed from mobile devices and also in-app purchases will still be available.

The situation ends up being somewhat controversial, since this policy update Manzana strengthen your posture in favor of a monopoly sales of software for iOS devices, being the most curious of all applications created for macOS did not receive these changesleaving behind that need to be updated to improve a device’s security and privacy.

Via: TheRegister