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Apple will change Virtual Reality and the Metaverse with its new glasses

Everyone is moving towards the Metaverse, a paradigm shift that is attracting more and more users like the beginning of the Internet and if nothing changes it, surely we will all end up using this new virtual environment. Companies of all kinds innovate every year with virtual reality glassesbut Manzanaalbeit late, would already have the first prototype ready in the augmented reality segment, where the board talks behind the scenes of a revolutionary device.

But what is it really about? How are augmented reality glasses revolutionary? These are undoubtedly big questions, which we don’t have too many answers to, but the hype is growing as more and more details are known.

The most complicated product ever designed by Apple


Not our words, but one of the most important and experienced supply chain analysts today, closely tied to the Apple world. Ming Chi Kuo not only does it stop there, but it makes a bold prediction that it’s more than likely that these Apple Glasses will be as imitated in design by their competitors as one would expect from such a groundbreaking product.

We imagine that it refers to the “foundation stone” of the iPhone at the time when AirPods not so long ago. In any case, this is not Apple’s first or second attempt to enter this sector that companies like his dominate. Meta or HTC/Valvewhere for some years the competition has raised the bar and for this reason those of Cupertino have intensified their efforts.

In May and according to what leaked, Apple would have shown a preliminary version or BETA (the progress and evolution of the prototype is not really clear) of these Augmented or Virtual Reality glasses to the board of directors. administration of the company. It wouldn’t be news as such if it weren’t for the fact that Tim Cook has already been mentioned about them.

Apple CEO talks about virtual and augmented reality glasses


Concise and clear, as usual in this type of talk, Tim Cook was optimistic, but did not let his emotions slip away too much despite the fact that everything indicates that something big is happening.

I couldn’t be more excited about these glasses. To all those fans, I ask you to stay tuned because you will soon be able to see what we have to offer in this market.

What Cook does not say is that his company, curiously, will bypass the western market, at least at first, in pursuit of the Asian market, in much better health and with many more users. And it is that according to Kuo, China has great potential demand which could be driving global adoption of virtual and mixed reality, so Apple might not be so keen this time around in the West, where we’re clearly in decline at the expense of Asia.

Kuo’s statements go further and cite Xiaomi and Oppo as Apple’s main competitors in this segment, where they will surely take the best ideas from these Apple Virtual Reality Glasses and transport them to their designs so as not to lose ground against those of the bitten apple. Finally, he talks about early 2023 to have something tangible and possibly marketable in your hands, even if this information is very taken with a grain of salt as there is talk of various hardware and software delays within the company.

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