As revealed by Bloomberg, on June 6, during Apple’s WWDC, we will have great news, to the point that it is specified that at this time Apple is preparing to launch nine Mac computers different powered by its future SoC Apple M2. which would be available in four variants.

As noted, there’s a MacBook Air with this SoC accompanied by a 10-core GPU, as well as a 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro M2, in addition to a new Mac Mini and a Mac Pro with the most progress of the company. SoC. For the moment, the iMac would be the only major absentee not having access to this SoC.

Apple M2

The company is also said to be launching vitamin variants with the Apple M2 Pro and M2 Maxindicating that the Max variant would offer a configuration of 12 cores for the CPU (2 more than its predecessor), while at the GPU level we are talking about a configuration of 38 hearts (6 more than its predecessor). Bloomberg does not include details on the breakdown of the number of these high-performance cores and those with low power. The M2 Pro is also listed as an option for the Mac Mini, with the Mac Pro expected to have a “successor to the M1 Ultra”.

For the moment, it is too early to have all the detailed information, but as the June 6 we should clarify all the information, and it is that although it is expected that we will not see all the new equipment there, at least two Macs could come out with the Apple M2 SoCs.