Yesterday it was revealed that Meta would take almost 50% of all the money generated by companies within its metaversesomething rather curious when the company itself had already complained on numerous occasions about Apple’s dominance and the abuse it was meant to take 30 percent of all the money a developer has generated on their store.

Unsurprisingly, Apple didn’t remain silent after hearing the news, essentially saying that meta is a hypocritewhich on the one hand complains about its commissions, on the other hand implants the highest commissions seen on a platform.

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“Meta has repeatedly pointed the finger at Apple for charging developers a 30% commission for in-app purchases on the App Store – and they’ve scapegoated small businesses and creators at every turn,” said Apple spokesman Fred Sainz in an email to MarketWatch.

“Now, Meta intends to charge these same creators significantly more than any other platform. The announcement [de Meta] exposes Meta’s hypocrisy. It shows that if they’re looking to use Apple’s platform for free, they happily want to charge creators and small businesses who use theirs.”

Highlighting the developer backlash, Blockparty CEO Vladislav Ginzburg told MarketWatch, “Facebook retains all media uploaded to it, retains all user data, and owns every step of the process to sell it to sellers. Instead to allow creators to share the value they bring to Facebook, their goal is to keep half of the sale. No thanks.”