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Apple and its M1 chip took 90% of ARM market revenue

Since Apple decided to part ways with Intel Yes amd, both in processors and graphics, has entered a market with great force with its own products. Initiate change with the launch of the Apple M1 in 2020, the company managed to make a SoCs architecture-based RMA which surprised everyone with its performance and efficiency. Its success is such that we know today that Apple with its M1 took nearly 90% of the income from the ARM market.

Until a few years ago when we wanted to buy an Apple laptop, we knew it would come with a intel processor and an chart AMD Radeon. It was a trend that continued until the end of 2020, where Apple said goodbye to both companies and decided to go further and create custom hardware. Thus was born the Apple M1, the first generation of its custom SoC for laptops, mac mini and even iMac.

Apple M1 has been off the market for even 2 years and already accounts for 90% of ARM processor industry revenue

Apple M1 ARM revenue performance

When Apple launched ARM, we were thrilled with both its efficiency and its performance. The new generation of Apple laptops offers up to 20 hours of drumsnail CPU almost 3x faster and a GPUs 5x More powerful. It was hard to believe, but from those early benchmarks that were shown, we saw that it was an unstoppable rival in terms of power/watt consumes.

However, it was far from perfect, as the Apps running on Intel architecture, they did not work on Apple M1. Therefore, they announced that it was necessary to use Rosetta, a translator dynamic binary that allowed imitate Intel compatible programs on the new chip. In addition, Rosette 2 currently allows to emulate Software at pretty good speeds, so for many users Apple is a go-to option.

And it seems so, since according to the research study Strategic analysisApple M1 on 2021 dominated the market laptop situated at RMA with almost a 90% of revenue altogether in this sector. This is where we see the detail to take into account, since it only refers to this market niche.

Qualcomm and its ARM Snapdragon processors for Chromebooks take just 3% of revenue

Chromebook Snapdragon Revenue ARM

In the ARM laptop market, we have competing companies like steel, Dell Yes hp that they market Chromebooks and always-on Windows PCs using Snapdragon (ACPC). However, Chromebooks and ACPCs have not enjoyed much popularity as they are not competitive in terms of performance and price.

In reality, Qualcomm just received the 3% share of revenue in the ARM PC processor industry in 2021. Despite this, the company continues to invest in new processors with cores Nuvia CPUwho we met recently and who will be coming out for end of 2023. These are part of Qualcomm’s strategy to deliver capable new ARM processors.

However, there is still a long way to go before they are released and currently Apple is unbeatable in its own league. So we have iMacs, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and Mac Minis based on the Apple M1, a wide variety of models to choose from that justify their high revenues. Although, as we already know, Apple products are Deareven in its basic configuration.

This is why, according to IDC, in 2021 worldwide PC shipments covered 348.8 million units, with 37 million Chromebooks and nearly 28 million Apple MacBooks. This means that Apple has taken the 8% against 10.6% of its main competitor.

Later, during the first trimester of 2022, global PC shipments consisted of 80.5 million units; i.e. 5.1 million Chromebooks and 7.2 million MacBooks. Here we see one trend in favor of Applewith a 8.9% compared to 6.4% of Chromebooks.

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