According to industry sources, TSMC’s most advanced manufacturing process is already held, and unfortunately for Apple, will share the initial production of these wafers with Intel. While the two companies had to compete for the production at 3nmthis struggle for access to the most advanced lithographic processes will also expand over time as both companies move towards the manufacturing process 2nm.

Intel wafer at 14nm

Regarding the cooperation between TSMC and Intel, the two parties have not confirmed it publicly, but Intel mentioned during the last investor meeting in March that the production of the 3nm manufacturing process will be outsourced. Although he did not name TSMC, it is clear that for Intel it will be its only partner, since it is the most advanced in the industry. It should be remembered that this information came to light just weeks after Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger once again visited Taiwan. to meet TSMC executives.

According to the latest reports, TSMC’s 2nm (N2) will launch a new GAA (Gate All Around) transistor design to improve efficiency and power density, pending the start of mass production. around 2025.

via: Digitimes