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Antec dresses its DF700 FLUX and DF800 FLUX chassis in white

Antec announced the relaunch of its chassis DF700 FLUX Yes DF800 FLOW, with the only caveat that this is a new white color variant to complement the original models launched in black. Other than that difference, the specs are identical, even down to the number of RGB fans built in as standard.

Antec DF700 FLUX White

This chassis stands out for its good air circulation, and for this it uses a metal mesh front design although in 3D, which implies that it is not flat and arrives as a pattern in the form of waves. A clear example that this chassis is optimized for airflow is that 5 x 120mm fans are pre-installed (3x RGB front + 1x bottom + 1x rear), leaving room for two more 120/140mm fans, or a radiator for a liquid, at the top.

Antec DF700 FLUX White

With dimensions of 467 x 220 x 486 mm, it is a steel and plastic chassis with a tempered glass window of 4 mm of thickness, including space for a place base ATX, Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX donde acompañar con 3/2x unidades de 3.5″/2.5″ junto a 3x de 2.5″, un CPU disipador por top de range area with up to 175 mm highgraphics cards up to 405 mm in lengthWe have dust filters At the top, bottom, and right of the chassis (the bottom fan draws cool air from the right side and blows it towards the GPU) we have a top I/O panel with 2 USB 3.0 portsRGB lighting control, and covers for USB ports and audio connectors for dust accumulation.

The Antec DF700 FLUX White goes on sale at a price of around 95 €.

Antec DF800 FLUX White

This model stands out for its metal mesh front with a geometric design, so it will not go unnoticed. With a size of 479 x 220 x 488 mm, we are facing an intermediate tower in steel and plastic with space for a motherboard in ATX, Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX format that we can accompany with 3x/2x units of 3.5″/2.5″ + 3x 2.5″ storage, while in terms of cooling it goes far beyond that, as it offers space for 3 x 120/140mm fans in the front, 3x/2x 140mm at the top, 2x 120mm down and 1 x 120mm in back.

Serial, includes no less than 3 ARGB 120 mm fans in the frontplus 2 x 120mm fans distributed at the rear and bottom.

Antec DF800 FLUX White

Inside, there is still room to house a high-end air cooling system for the CPU with up to 175 mm highgraphics cards up to 405 mm in lengtha diet up to 205 mm deepall this will be perfectly visible thanks to a tempered glass window 4 mm thick, while in the upper part we will have access to an I/O panel with 2 USB 3.0 ports and a button dedicated to lighting the front fans.

The information of the Antec DF800 FLUX complete with dust filter top and right, removable dust filter bottom, a controller that supports up to 6 ARGB fans for its configuration through the dedicated button or software, cable management system with several velcro handles, and it goes on sale at a price that will be approximately 100 euros.

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