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Announcing the AMD Ryzen 5000C series: Zen3 processors for Chromebooks

amd announced its new range of mobile processors Ryzen 5000C, where the C indicates that this is an exclusive range for Chromebook computers. Like the rest of the Ryzen 5000 family of processors, these are built on the architecture Zen3 offering a maximum of configurations of 8 cores and 16 processing threadswhich is accompanied by AMD Radeon Vega graphics from up to 512 stream processors for the most advanced model.

These processors allow the use of RAM memory DDR4 and LPDDR4Xand one of the differences is the use of special microcode to address security and management specifications specific to the Chrome OS operating system.

“Today, AMD announced new Ryzen 5000 C-Series processors, bringing the ‘Zen 3’ architecture to high-end Chrome OS devices for work and collaboration. The new processors deliver all-day battery life and cutting-edge performance with up to eight high-performance x86 cores.These industry-leading AMD processors enable expansion beyond education into the growing consumer and commercial Chrome OS markets.

With improved Radeon Graphics, Ryzen 5000 C processors for Chrome are expected to deliver up to 67% faster responsiveness and up to 85% better graphics performance than the previous generation. Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 provide users with advanced connectivity and greater data bandwidth than ever before.”

AMD Ryzen 5000C Series

The top model is the AMD Ryzen 7 5825Cwith 8 cores and 16 threads at 2.00/4.50 GHz base/turbo frequency with 20MB L2+L3 cache and a 1.80 GHz iGPU 512 stream processor. Ryzen 5 5625C It offers 6 cores and 12 threads at a base frequency of 2.30/4.30 GHz, 19 MB of cache and 448 stream processors at 1.60 GHz.

Below we already have a AMD Ryzen 3 5425C 4 cores and 8 threads at 2.70/4.10 GHz, 10 MB cache and 384 stream processors at 1.50 GHz. Finally, the Ryzen 3 5125Cwith 2 cores and 4 threads @ 3.00 GHz with 9 MB cache and 192 stream processors @ 1.20 GHz. All of these options have a TDP of 15W and promise to make the equipment offering up to 13 hours of battery life.

“We are working closely with AMD to power a new generation of Chromebooks for consumer and business markets,” said John Solomon, vice president and general manager of Chrome OS at Google.

“These Chromebooks, powered by the new AMD Ryzen 5000C processors, are designed for greater efficiency, reliable performance and extended battery life to enable greater collaborative productivity in Google Workspace and other business-critical applications. business on Chrome OS.”

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