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Annapurna Swaps Stray’s Cat For A Dinosaur Survival Game

wander, the game where you control a stray kitten, has become one of the most successful games of the moment. In fact, he positioned himself as the Highest rated game by users on Steam Recently. its editors, Annapurna Interactivelaunched it just a week ago and broke all company records, but they already have some new games on their list to give away, and that’s none other than The lost savageHis future survival game with dinosaurs.

The latest game announced by Annapurna Interactive, Stray has captivated a large number of gamers. This received a very positive review, with a very high number of concurrent sales and players for not being a triple AAA title. However, the studio has not been sitting idly by watching the success of its latest title, as it has just shown off a new game. almost the opposite of Straysince it will be a survival horror set in a jungle with dinosaurs.

Annapurna Interactive shows The Lost Wild, a survival horror with dinosaurs

After seeing the trailer, the first thing that comes to mind is a mixed perfect between survival game Forest and the movies of jurassic world. Or rather, traveling in the past, we will choose jurassic parkbecause The lost savage also has parts of survival horror which remind us of the first part of the jurassic park. That said, in this title our objective will be to survive in a hostile environment full of dinosaurs of all kinds. To do this, we will check a report you will have to find the mystery that surrounds this territory surrounded by wild dinosaurs.

Thus, we will explore a prehistoric jungle full of life, where we can discover many species of dinosaurs, from herbivores that will not pose a danger to dangerous carnivores located at the top of the food chain. Unfortunately, we are not elite soldiers and we are not trained in combat, so we will have to survive by hiding if the danger is too high. But do not be afraid, because the protagonist will be able to hunt dinosaurs. For this we will need explore environment, find means and create non-lethal weapons What torches and flares.

Thus, it reinforces the need to survive constantly, because if we had guns with thousands of bullets, he would have become a shooter without any tension.

Its developer, Great Ape Games, assures that the dinosaurs will be intelligent

The Lost Wild Dinosaurs AI

Survival-oriented gameplay that reminds us of games like Alien: Isolationit makes a lot of sense when we add a Competent AI. And it is this, the developer of The Lost Wild, assures that the dinosaurs will behave like wild animals and not like mindless monsters. So if we use fire to scare them or a flare, they will recognize the type of danger and think like overcome your defenses instead of charging you like human killing machines. Therefore, it is extremely important that you observe their behavioursince there is the key to know how they will act.

In addition, you’re not alone and it is that on your radio you will hear a human voice that will help you overcome difficulties and give you clues about what you need to do to continue. To do this you will need to explore the facilities of the island, enter their buildingssearch vehicles or ransack corpses for progress in history of the game. So The Lost Wild will keep you energized while combining the stealth and action parts with the narrative. Respect to graphic part, we can say that it is great, at least in the trailer. Thus, we have a very lush jungle full of detail, with volumetric lighting and a day-night cycle.

About your durationthe game will offer us between 6 and 10 a.m., although there is still a long time to go on sale. And that’s it, The Lost Wild planned like final release date of 2024 or early 2025.

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