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An Intel Core i9-13900K appears for sale on the black market for 403 euros

A processor is sold by China Intel Core i9-13900K in the form of an engineering sample, i.e. a 13th generation Intel Core (Raptor Lake) which should arrive in stores between the months of September or October. The seller indicates that the processor works perfectly after using it on an ASUS Z690 ROG APEX motherboard, and which supports overclocking. In addition to confirming the specifications of 24 cores and 32 threads processing (8x P-Core + 16x E-Core).

Obviously it’s not a good buy for any user, but for any medium that wants to review it’s a gem, and even more so knowing that it’s only sold for 2850 RMB, which in exchange is around 403 euros / $426 which is why at the time of writing this CPU has already been soldso it would not be surprising if in the next few days we see the first performance tests, although everything indicates that the operating frequencies are inferior to the final version who will go to market.

Intel Core i9-13900K - Engineering Example

According to early rumours, the Intel Core i9-13900Kthe high-end processor of the Raptor Lake family, will be very fast, and it is expected that the cores raptor cove (P-Core) can be up to 300 MHz faster respect to Core i9-12900KS (Golden Cove), and this implies a maximum Turbo frequency of 5.80GHzwhile in the worst case an improvement of 200 MHz is estimated, which would place it in the 5.70GHzwhich isn’t bad either.

The latest rumors indicate that could reach 6.00 GHz in Turbo mode without problems, while with overclocking this ceiling could be increased even further. Low power cores could exceed 4.50 GHz (against 4.00 GHz).

Of course, think of an energy consumption which could be of the order of 300W compared to the current 260W of the Core i9-12900KS.

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