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An AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 6860Z will be the exclusive APU for Lenovo laptops

This time the news is about AMD, since they have been seen lenovo laptops wear one COULD AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 6860Zwhat seems to be exclusive of both companies, for the time being. This APU would have the same 8 cores and 16 wires with architecture Zen 3+ than her sisters, like the 6850Ubut with a small speed increase reaching the 4.725MHz.

According to Lenovo database, we are currently looking for their laptops ThinkPad Z13 Gen 1, we find a hitherto unknown AMD processor. It would be precisely a Ryzen 7 PRO 6860Z APU, which first attracts attention by the fact that it ends with a “Z“, a nomenclature we haven’t seen used with AMD. In fact, laptop lines are often “C, U, H, HS, HX” in the order of from the smallest to the biggest consumption and performance.

The union of AMD and Lenovo gives rise to two new chips: 6860Z and 6850U

AMD Ryzen PRO 7 6860Z APUs

It was said during the fair ESC What is that collaboration between AMD and Lenovo was to create a chip”Optimized power“or what amounts to the same, get a more efficient processor than the current ones. And that’s where we have the AMD Ryzen PRO 7 6860Z along with other Lenovo ThinkPad laptop processors, such as the Ryzen 5 6650U or the Ryzen 7 6850U Starting with the Ryzen 7 6860Zwe know it will have 8 cores and 16 threads, as well as 4 MB hidden L2 Yes 16 MB hidden L3; where the only difference we see are 4.725MHz of speed increase.

AMD-Ryzen-7-PRO-6860Z-Lenovo-Thinkpad-Z Laptops

For his part, the 6850U it would be almost identicalwith the same amount of L2 and L3 cache and the same amount of cores and threads, except that it 4.7GHz.

Regarding the rest of the specifications, the two processors would use the same architecture Zen 3+ and integrated graphics RDNA2. The latter would represent AMD’s highest range in this sector, with the iGPU Radeon 680M. As for consumption, both would have a configurable TDP range between 15 and 28 W, at least until there are no more references detailing the power consumption. This means that this collaboration and this exclusivity on paper has brought only one small improvement of +0.025GHzif we become critical.

AMD’s U-Series Reportedly Faster Than Alder Lake CPUs at 28W

Ryzen U Series 6860Z vs. Alder Lake 28W

However, to get us out of doubt, AMD presented us with a small demonstration of the performance of these Lenovo laptops with the Ryzen 7 PRO APU 6860Z. In this case, the laptop had 32 GB LPDDR5 a 6400MHz1x 1TB SSD and Windows 11 Pro His rival would be another Lenovo; a ThinkPad X1 Carbon with an Intel Core processor i7-1260Pof 12 cores and 16 threads with 4.7GHz of Boost, as well as 16GB LPDDR5 5500MHz1x 1TB SSD, Intel Xe iGPU and Windows 11 Pro.

In this case the COULD of amd go up to one 25% more performance in Cinebench R23a +20% in 3DMark spy of time and even a 50% more in Pass mark 10 compared to a laptop with Alder Lake. In addition, the consumption of the Intel processor is up to 64Wwhile the AMD 6860Z is at 28Wand although these are not exact values, we would theoretically benefit from longer battery life than with the Intel processor.

Finally, regarding the price we know that the Lenovo ThinkPad Z13 (13″) will start from $1,549/eurowhile the ThinkPad Z16 (16″) will start from $2,099/ euro.

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