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An AMD EPYC Genoa poses next to its Socket and cooling system

More information continues to be revealed about the AMD EPYC Genoaand this time it’s the new image of one of these chips with up to 96 cores and 192 processing threads next to your socket SP5 and the cooling system that it still shows the engineering was using, and it’s worth remembering that these processors won’t see the light of day until the end of this year.

Unsurprisingly, we remind you that the high-end processor of the series will be the AMD EPYC 9654Pmade of 96 cores and 192 processing threads under the architecture AMD Zen4to a manufacturing process 5nm from TSMC, which operates at a Base/Turbo frequency of 2.00/2.15 GHz with access to 384 MB of cache and reaches a TDP of 360W.

Able to withstand up to 12 channels of DDR5 RAMwhich will allow you to manage up to 3 TB of RAMas will happen with the new family of AMD Ryzen desktop processors, a new socket has been released, in this case everything goes through the new AMD SP5 (LGA6096), capable of delivering up to 700W of power, which implies a notable jump from the 450W that the previous SP3 socket (LGA4094) was able to provide. Also worth noting is the use of the PCI-Express 5.0 interface.

AMD EPYC Genoa - Socket SP5

To finishCooling systemwhich passes by a copper-based aluminum block which is positioned above the huge processor. Four heat pipes come out of this main heatsink which are separated into groups of two and each of these groups are joined to a small aluminum radiator extra, and that is that when air-cooled, the enormous size of the AMD EPYC Genoa processor itself, and its high power consumption, means that everything must oversize for it to work properly.

AMD EPYC Genoa Cooling System - SP5

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