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An AI learns to play Minecraft with 720 GPUs and 70,000 hours of YouTube

Today, systems that use artificial intelligence are capable of doing almost anything, including playing games. Long ago are the AI who won games Chess or the AI ​​that played better than him 99.8% players from Starcraft II. Now it’s the turn of Open AIthe first AI who managed to craft a diamond pickaxe in Minecraft after 70,000 hours of Youtube.

The non-profit artificial intelligence research company, OpenAI, announces that it has created the first diamond pickaxe in Minecraft using its AI. It wouldn’t be the first time that an artificial intelligence has immersed itself in this world of pixelated blocks, but it becomes the biggest breakthrough yet. And that’s it, Minecraft is so much more complex than a game of chess or Starcraft, because there are a lot more variables.

Minecraft is a tough AI game, but after thousands of YouTube tutorials, it’s ready

This is how they formed it, with fabulous Minecraft videos from the YouTube platform, totaling 70,000 hours of viewing. However, the work paid off, as he was the only one able to achieve this feat. The peculiarity of this achievement is that he played Minecraft in survival modewhen the other AIs were in creative fashion. Plus, they were the first to make it organize inventory and crafting naturally.

They achieved this because OpenAI simulates the entry of keyboard Yes Mouse as if he were a real gamer, but at the rate of only 20fps. But you clearly need information to know how to play, so they used a methodology called Video pre-training (POS). To do this, they first recorded 2,000 hours Minecraft videos to see what actions the pressed keys performed.

Minecraft AI OpenAI pre-training video

After this step, an inverse dynamic model (IDM), which was used to predict the actions of past and future executives videos. Finally, they used 70,000 hours of YouTube videos, where they predicted the Shares, albeit using only past frames. Thanks to POS and the long training that the team said was equivalent to 270,000 hours of modified gameplayThey achieved this feat.

A total of 32 NVIDIA A100s and 720 NVIDIA Tesla V100s were used to train the AI

Minecraft OpenAI crafting improvements

The nine-member team used 32 graphics accelerators NVIDIA A100 in order to learn the relationship between inputs and actions. This process lasted four daysbut the next 70,000 hours of video needed nine daysusing 720 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs. As a result, the AI ​​was able to obtain materials and crafts on its own, seeing in these comparative graphs the improvement in the speed of the algorithm.

To optimize this, they used videos from the “game start” of the game, corresponding to the first 10 minutes of Minecraft. Here they used 16 chart NVIDIA A100during two days. After that, they saw great performance improvements, for example, the Arts and crafts of work benches was 215x faster and making wood planks was a 59x Faster.

Finally, the last step taken by the OpenAI team was for the AI ​​to create a diamond pickaxe. Moreover, he did it in less time than the average player, a little more 4 minutes. However, there were issues in multitasking, where the AI ​​missed some steps and made them take longer. But to solve this problem, Minecraft’s AI needed enormous computing power: it used 56,719 hearts of CPU and 80 GPU processors 16.8 billion images after six days.

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