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Ampere guarantees that its ARM processors for servers are the best option

processor sales RMA for waiters seem to be where the real deal is, he says Ampere. This American company has updated its roadmap with a new processor for 5nmthe call amp one. It promises to be up to snuff being compatible with all modern technologies such as memory DDR5 and interface PCIe 5.0while offering incredible power efficiency and configurations up to 128 cores, like the Ampere Altra Max.

Calculation of amps It started as a Silicon Valley startup, founded in February 2018 and just 3 years later, it owns a total of 800 employees. We cannot deny his rapid growth and good decision-making, the last of which would be an upgrade of his roadmap. In this, a future 5nm processor called Ampere One is presented, which promises to surpass the Ampere Altra-Maxa beast of 128 hearts.

Ampere offers up to 128-core ARM processor for servers

Altra Ampere CPU Servers
Ampere Altra processor with 128 ARM cores

Although it looked like the focus would be on the new processor, the video was made to show how their current ARM processors for servers are the better choice. According to them, their processors other performance are among the major cloud providers. In the interview with The Register, Jeff WittichAmpère’s product manager, said his products were changing Company.

Among the companies that employ Ampère, we have giants like microsoft Azure, Oracle clouds, Tencent Cloud or Alibaba Cloud, which already use Altra chips. To these must be added cloudywho uses the processors RMA to handle Internet requests more Fast than with silicon x86. Testimonials from the team Formula 1 Oracle Red Bull Racing. These ensured that the use of an ARM chip increased by one 25% the number of simulations aerodynamics in cars F1.

They compare ARM Ampere vs. AMD and Intel

Ampere CPU Cores ARM AMD Intel

One of the main reasons that led them to opt for these processors was the numbers of hearts Therefore, they compared the 80 cores of an Altra Ampere and the 128 cores of the Altra Max with the 64 cores of AMD Epyc and the 40 cores of Intel Xeon. For us, this figure does not mean much, but for the companies of waiters and services in the cloud, this is fundamental. However, its main advantage is that its ARM processors have less variability performance on each core.

According to Jeff, this lower variability increases stability and thus ensures consistent performance across all cores. To achieve this, they had to do each core have only one threadensuring that multi-threaded technologies such as CMS can produce slowdowns. In addition, these ARM chips are more energetic efficient than its competitors, thus managing to maintain high speeds on all cores.

Performance/core is much higher on ARM than on x86

ARM x86 CPU performance cores

Another important factor that maintains performance consistency across cores would be a great size of L1 and L2 cache for each processor core. In this way, huge amounts of information can be accessed directly, without going through the RAM. Also they use a interconnection mesh, which achieves consistent performance between its cores, which is why its processors are monolithic. This will change in the future, but Jeff ensures that users will experience the same consistency as today.

Finally, we will talk about the future 5nm of the company, the Ampere One. This will have a custom kernel designed by the company itself, thus differentiating it from the Altra range. According to Jeff, since the start of 2022, several of his clients have tried amp one although detailed, this will not go into mass production until The end of the year.

Their expectations are to introduce new chips every yearas they sell their processors ancient. It would be a way to give Support to a large number of generations of processors. With this methodology, we try to don’t leave behind customers who don’t need to upgrade to the latest chip.

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