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Ampere Altra Max processor appears on Geekbench, breaking performance record

The first CPU benchmarks have been revealed by benchmarking software Geekbench Altra ampwhich we can tell you is world’s fastest server ARM processor. As if that were not enough, its vitamin variant called Altra Ultra Amperewhich thanks to a greater number of nuclei broke a record performance multicore in said benchmark.

Going into detail, the processor Ampere other is based on the platform ARM Neoverse N1 Using the manufacturing process of 7nm from TSMC with 80 hearts operating at a frequency of 3.00 GHz. This processor also incorporates a DDR4 memory controller that supports the use of memory DDR4@3200MHz in a setup Octa(8)-Channel (up to 4 TB) together 128 PCI-Express 4.0 lanes and a TDP of 210W.

ARM Ampere Altra 80 core CPU
ARM Ampere Altra 80 core processor with delid

In his time, the former vice-president of Intel, and today president of Ampère, Rene Jamesindicated that this processor it is 4% faster than AMD EPYC 7742 with 64 cores and 128 threads Zen2 @ 7nm with a TDP of 225W. Regarding Intel, it is 223% faster than an Intel Xeon Platinum 8280 28 cores with a TDP of 205W.

Now with Bench Geek 5 hand in hand, we know that with a maximum consumption of 180Wand a maximum temperature around 67ºCmanaged to achieve a single-core performance of 882 dots and the multi-core performance of 44,425 points. For reference, the Apple M1 Ultra moves in the 24,000 stitches with a consumption of 80W.

Altra Ultra 128 Core Geekbench 5 Ampere
Ampere Altra Ultra 128 Core Performance in Geekbench 5

On the other hand, we have the Altra Max Amperewhich is basically the same processor, but offering nothing less than 128 cores at 3.00 GHz. In this way, the single-core performance is quite similar, with 867 points, but its multi-core performance reaches 59,278 pointsthus being the fastest processor in terms of multi-core performance that appears by said benchmark.

Next, you have a video where German overclocker Der8auer performs benchmarks on the 80-core Ampere Altra.

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