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AMD’s Ryzen 7000 APUs Could Be Faster Than CPUs

Beware of AMD’s move which, if confirmed, could revolutionize the graphics card market with an APU. Yes what was said is not an error AMD could literally give low end GPUs such a blow that it would kind of end up cannibalizing the sales of a graphics card like the RX 6400 all thanks to his APU Phoenix Ryzen 7000 based on ZENE 4.

Needless to say, take this with caution first and foremost, salt and a silver hat on your head if necessary, but the leak comes from a famous leaker who is touching almost everything at the moment. Is it possible that Phoenix is ​​faster than Raphaël both with the same architecture?

AMD Phoenix vs Raphael, APU Ryzen 7000 and V-Cache 3D

If the information is correct, the Phoenix APUs could arrive with 3D V-Cover, just like the Ryzen 7 5800X3D. The leak reveals that a rumor emerged from the packaging factory that this microarchitecture could arrive with this type of vertically stacked cache, which would not only mean a performance increase, but at the expense of architectural knowledge. , this could mean a performance jump for CPU and iGPU of maybe one 30% thanks to this L3.

It remains to be seen whether it is shared, because depending on whether one is APU with MCM or monolithic layout, the implementation varies and of course one could see for the first time an L3 shared at all levels or L3 exclusively for l ‘IGPU, so Phoenix like Ryzen 7000 APUs It wouldn’t be faster than the Ryzen 7000 Raphael processors (CPU with so-called iGPU, soon we won’t use that term as Intel anymore), but the iGPU would literally sweep Intel away, at least on paper.

A very debatable question is also not clarified, such as whether this is ultimately true, is it for the whole series or for certain processors in particular? The leaker does not give details on this subject and tells us that we will have to wait to find out, who kinda confirms that yes they would have 3D V-Cache indirectly.

In any case, it would seem that AMD is putting everything on the grill knowing that Zen 4 will have to compete with Raptor Lake, but especially with Meteor Lake, since the assumptions ZEN 4C they won’t arrive until 2023, by which time Intel apparently has to release two architectures.

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