It seems that the dual chip design of the chipset AMD X670 It’s cheaper than expected, and it’s that while it’s worth remembering that this chipset is basically born out of the union of two AMD B650Ultimately, the cost is lower than the company’s previous high-end chip, the AMD X570.

Remember that while the AMD B650 chipset offers a single-chip design called promontory 21 (PROM21), the AMD X670E and AMD X670 are essentially two AMD B650 chips / promontory 21, allowing you to quickly and easily duplicate system connectivity. Of course, although the chipset is cheaper to produce, it does not mean that motherboards are cheaperand is that all the new technology related to this chip implies a price increase.

AMD X670E, AMD X670 and AMD B650
AMD X670 Extreme (X670E), AMD X670 and AMD B650 chipsets

Regarding current AMD X570 motherboards, AMD X670 chipsets will provide access to the PCI Express 5.0 interfacewhich automatically implies an increase in the price of motherboards, but of course, knowing that motherboards AMD B650 They will resort to the PCI-Express 4.0 interface, as it would make no sense for them to cost more than the AMD B550.

When it comes to pricing, AMD B650 motherboards should hover around between $130 and $350 depending on the range chosen, while AMD X670 motherboards could evolve between the 250 dollars for the most basic models up to reach $500 in the most advanced models with PCI-Express 5.0 interface for the GPU and NVMe 2.0 SSD storage unit, not to mention expanded overclocking capabilities and cooling system improvements to cope with oversized VRMs to power the top -line Ryzen 7000 CPU under all circumstances.

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