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AMD won’t lose market share until 2025, analysts say

It looks like AMD’s future is bright, or at least that’s what market research firm Wedbush thinks. Here, your analysts determine that amd will follow gain market shares to its main rival, intel company. In fact, they believe this trend will continue until 2025where Intel will lose more and more customers to AMD.

Very optimistic news is emerging from the red side, led by Lisa Su, saying his business will continue to grow steadily over the next few years. This is the conclusion reached by a Wedbush analyst, Matt Brison, who believes that AMD will gradually steal market share from Intel. Moreover, he believes that Nvidia will suffer losses by the fall of cryptocurrency miningalthough it will continue to be the leader in its sector.

Intel won’t stop losing market share to AMD until the end of 2024

Intel loses AMD market share

Or at least, says Bryson, who has several arguments to justify these harsh words towards Intel. It all started when the US Senate approved the Flea Law for America, to boost the production of chips in the country. Here we have the first case where we see Intel suffer, and that is that this law has not yet been implemented and therefore, Intel has not seen a single penny come into its pockets.

This situation forced it to stop the creation of one of its state-of-the-art factories in the United States, because it did not receive the $20 billion that the law promised him. It lasted long enough for Intel to lose patience and realize it was going Europe to access these funds. On the other hand, regarding the technological processes and nodes used, TSMC still in the lead, surpassing Intel in density.

We’d have to see how his next generation really does raptor lake to see if the reuse intel node 7 They are able to stand up to their rival. On the other hand, Intel knows many delays in your products and soon will raise prices of the same, where the processors are included. About amda report of MercurySearchshowed he had a 27.7% of the current market share and which increased by 2.1% sequentially and one 7% per year. Unlike Intel, AMD chose to rely on TSMC for its CPUs and GPUs.

NVIDIA will remain the leader in GPU and AI, but will be weakened by crypto mining

NVIDIA GPU AI Lost Cryptomining

The analyst continued, although he now moves on to the GPU sector, where he assures that NVIDIA will remain ahead and unbeatable. In fact, this places it as one of the most important companies in the world in the sector of Artificial intelligence (IA). However, he mentions that will suffer losses due to the fall of crypto mining, which no longer produces the profitability of before. This caused a drop in demand of their graphics cards and, according to Bryson, has yet to be seen reflected in the Income of the company or the price of its Shares.

In fact, expect us to see a collapse of both in the near future, which contradicts the opinions of other analysts. And it is that, according to Pierre Farragu, analyst at New Street, NVIDIA already implemented the negative effects of demand and mining months ago, in April. But of course we’re talking about a time when the Bitcoin it was worth double and Ethereum almost triple than during its recent fall.

Bryson ends by returning to the subject of Intel and by assuring that he will be able to take advantage of government subsidies. This will be thanks to the aggressive approach that the company employs, as we have seen in its attitude towards the CHIPS law. In addition, Intel plans to invest in production capacity when demand returns to the market and further intends beat TSMC and steal the leading position in the semiconductor market.

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