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AMD vs Apple in laptops, will the Ryzen 7000 outperform the new M2 Pro?

AMD is preparing to launch its Ryzen 7000 architecture-based Zen 4 for desk, who only have one month left to leave. However, the industry portable will also receive a new generation in the form of COULD a 4nmappointed phoenix point. This Ryzen 7000 APU will arrive with a CPU Zen 4 and a GPU RDNA3hoping to surpass Apple M2 Pro.

When we talk about performance in laptops with integrated graphics, AMD is destroying the competition from Intel. And it is that with the arrival of the Ryzen 6000 APU for laptops at 6nm, the Vega integrated graphics have been replaced by much better ones based on the RDNA 2 architecture. Even so, they are far from deliver the performance that Manzana has achieved since using its chips M1 Yes M2. A more powerful version should arrive of the latter, dubbed M2 Pro, which would increase the graphics power even more. However, AMD is ready to do battle or even beat Apple with its future APU Zen 4 + RDNA 3.

AMD Dragon Range and Phoenix Point, the new generation of portable CPUs for 2023

AMD Dragon Phoenix Point Zen 4 Series

As we have seen in the roadmap published by AMD, two new architectures are expected in the notebook sector. The first would be dragon range, focused on high-performance mobile processors for games and applications. Thus, we have processors more similar to the Ryzen desktop, since they are expected TDP greater than 55W. Moreover, it is rumored that they could offer 16 cores like the future Ryzen 7950X. In fact, Dragon Range is based on Zen 4with PCIe 5.0 Yes DDR5-RAM. It is estimated that it will arrive for laptops with more than 20 mm thick and with good refrigeration systems.

Now let’s move on to what its version would be in the form of COULD for thin laptops less than 20mm thick, phoenix point. This surprises us at first because it will use the node to 4nman improved architecture of Zen 4 (Zen 4+) and an integrated RDNA 3 graphics. This CPU + GPU combination will be the ace up AMD’s sleeve of its Ryzen 7000 APUs, with which he hopes to challenge Apple’s M2 Pro in the portable sector. However, there is still time for them to leave, as the roadmap mentioned that they would be leaving at some point. 2023.

AMD Phoenix Point APU will deliver high power efficiency

AMD Phoenix Point Zen 4 RDNA 3 APUs

If we talk about power, this new generation of APU called Phoenix Point will arrive at best with Zen 4+ processors. Let’s imagine like this, the Ryzen 7000 but slightly improved, maintaining a high IPC and relatively high frequencies, since they will use fewer cores than Dragon Range. It is therefore expected that they will arrive with a maximum of 8 hearts at a TDP of 35-45Wwith who GPUs RDNA3It has great energy efficiency. Indeed, this AMD graphics architecture promises a 50% increase in energy efficiency on RDNA2.

Additionally, this new integrated graphics card should have a total of 1,024 cores, although rumors say that a version with more could be released. Along with that, we already know how important RAM speed is for iGPU, but in this case, there is no need to worry. And that’s it, it’s expected that you can use LPDDR5 RAM until 6400MHz, leaving consoles like the Steam Deck with RDNA 2 far behind. To make matters worse, it is assumed that if AMD lives up to expectations, the performance of a RTX 3060 Laptop with Phoenix Point’s RDNA 3 GPU.

Considering that we still have to wait until next year to know the final details, it is likely that we will find a big jump in performance. In fact, as the next generation of GPUs will be released soon, the RTX 3060 for laptops will likely perform like a low-end once it arrives. Now, regarding Apple, the new APUs based on Ryzen 7000 are hoping to catch up with their future M2 Pro, which is going to make things very difficult.

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