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AMD Unveils Games Supporting FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0

AMD presentation day, graphics cards first RX6000 refreshfollowed by a new driver with support for them and with few new features, and now an important event is coming that we have been waiting for since the presentation at GDC 2022: the compatible games with FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 or better known as FSR 2.0, is yours among them? Well, let’s see.

The date is so close that we can almost touch it and although it does not define itself as such because each studio and developer will implement successive patches when they can (or want to). But AMD’s commitment to certain titles and houses is present and as such the announcement is mandatory, so let’s see what the red team has in store for us.

These are the games that support FSR 2.0 from

will be 11 titles in total, those who will receive their corresponding patches between today and the next two days, where we can start enjoying them as long as our hardware is compatible. And it is that due to its nature AMD establishes a minimum to be able to work with this technology since by not working with AI units as NVIDIA does, FSR 2.0 achieves thanks to a super resolution algorithm an almost identical task thanks to what is called Temporary scaling.

We won’t detail this technology because it’s irrelevant, but it’s the main reason why FSR 2.0 can be used on AMD or even NVIDIA GPUs. We only need a graphics card from the following series:

AMD-FSR-2.0-GPU compatible

That said, let’s get to know the 11 games which are available from the start, which over the weeks and months will be followed by a large number of titles.

  • asterigo
  • Delysium
  • EVEOnline
  • Farm Simulator 22
  • forgot
  • based
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • NiShuiHan
  • Perfect World Remake
  • Swordsman Remake
  • Unknown 9: Awakening

In addition to this good news, AMD’s Raise The Game Bundle returns, where it is now offered with the purchase of any RX 6000 GPU, regardless of model. This means that we can opt for this pack when buying an RX 6400 or an RX 6950 XT.

The new GPU+ gaming package will have titles like Sniper Elite 5 or Saints Row as an incentive. This “offer” is available from today and until August 13. On the AMD website you can find the list of distributors of this graphics card plus the game package by country, something very useful so that you do not have to look for store in store. Curiously and at the moment, Spain does not appear as a country that will echo this campaign, so it is more than likely that this list will be updated soon by AMD.

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