We already have the first photos of the socket AMD SP6 (LGA4844), socket which will curiously offer support for AMD EPYC Genoa (Zen4) processors up to 32 cores and EPYC Bergamo processors (Zen4c) up to 64 coresand that’s because the maximum power is limited at 225Wnearly half compared to socket SP5 (6096) which will support EPYC Genoa processors from up to 96 cores and EPYC Bergamo from up to 128 cores.

Essentially, the SP6 socket has more similarities with the current SP3 socket than with SP5, and that is that they have basically the same size of 58.5×75.4mm (compared to SP5 76 x 80), but pin count exceeds 4094 at 4844 (vs 6096 for SP5), allowing it to deliver more power.

AMD SP6 Socket

“This document defines the requirements for a 4844-pin surface-mount land-grid array (SM-LGA) socket, 0.94 mm × 0.81 mm interstitial pitch – hereafter referred to as the SP6 socket – to be used with AMD’s 4844-pin organic connector Earth Grid Array (OLGA) package having substrate dimensions of 58.5 mm × 75.4 mm.

The SP6 socket, shown in Figure 1, is designed to provide reliable electrical interconnection between the PCB and the 4844 pins of the OLGA package for the life of the product.”

amd sp6 socket diagram

via: @SteinFG | video cardz