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AMD Ryzen 8000 (Zen5) would be shifted to 2024 or 2025; 3nm are for Apple and Intel

According to the latest reports, the entire family of processors AMD Ryzen 8000and any other product based on the architecture AMD Zen5 is likely to receive a potential delay. Indeed, all these products will use the manufacturing process of 3nm from TSMCbeing the problem that all the initial production of chips under said lithography is exclusive to Apple and Intel. As if that weren’t enough, once this first exclusivity was over, MediaTek or Nvidia they also have agreements to access not only their 3nm, but also the future 2nm.

The only way to avoid this delay, reminds us of the rumors of an AMD that would turn to Samsung Foundry to produce its chips. According to these rumors, the first AMD product with Samsung Foundry will arrive this year using the manufacturing process of 4nmand it would be an exclusive processor for samsung chromebook laptops so we are talking about chips very low power consumptionand therefore of low performance, since these devices are used to study and a great autonomy prevails.

AMD Ryzen 8000 processor

After this first contact, it is indicated that the first products have a manufacturing process in 3nm will be a high performance graphics chip architecture-based RDNA4recalling that RDNA3 will be manufactured using TSMC’s 5nm manufacturing process.

to consider amd-verses it won’t, since you also need to remember that AMD would even turn to Intel itself produce its chips in the face of a dire need to get all its products off the ground without delay, which adds the additional problem that the competition could take advantage of it.

It is not unreasonable to translate all this into a single word: to diversifybeing obvious that the best manufacturing processes will go to their most profitable products, i.e. the most expensive, while mid-range and low-end products may resort to less advanced processes, which are also more affordable.

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