According to the latest reports, the move to the platform AMD Ryzen 7000 will cost you something more, and it says both AMD X670 motherboards such as B650 will only support DDR5 memory.

So far there is no indication beyond speculation that these processors have a controller to allow them to be compatible with DDR4 memory, although there is no mention of most entry level motherboards. based on the chipset. AMD A620but of course it wouldn’t make sense for these motherboards to have access to cheap memory while the rest of the motherboards, which are much more popular in terms of sales, are suffering a slowdown in sales due to the cost of memory .

AMD Ryzen 7000 and LGA1718 AM5 socket

It should be remembered that one of the main advantages of Intel Alder Lake processors, and its successor, Raptor Lake, is that DDR4 memory and much more expensive DDR5 memory can be usedso the user can make the leap to said platform saving money or looking for maximum performance by being able to afford the additional cost of memory, but in the case of Ryzen 7000 depend on more memory twice as expensive is a serious problem, because it means not being able to reuse existing DDR4 memory, which significantly increases the price of building a PC with said platform.

On the other hand, it is stated that the AMD X670 chipset uses a chip designthat is, inside there are two chips, presumably we could be before two AMD B650 chips, quickly and easily doubling the connectivity options on high-end motherboards. This chipset would be manufactured by TSMC using a 6nm manufacturing process.

via: Tom’s Hardware