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AMD Ryzen 7000 will go on sale September 15

It looks like we already have a launch date for the processor family AMD Ryzen 7000and it is that during a local presentation in China, a slide was shown indicating a launch date for the September 15i.e. they would arrive a month before the graphics cards Radeon 7000which should arrive at the end of October or mid-November at the latest.

AMD Ryzen 7000 release date

It must be remembered that the AMD Ryzen 7000 use the new architecture AMD Zen4which will bring an improvement in the CPI which will move between 8 and 10 percentwith a single-core performance improvement of approximately 15 percent. In terms of efficiency, it will bring 25 percent more performance per watt consumed, while based on Cinebench benchmark performance, AMD has revealed that AMD Zen4 processors will be up to 35% faster than those based on Zen3.

Beyond power thinking for games, benchmarks, or heavy applications, the company also pointed to improvements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, which could point to dedicated hardware for those capabilities. On the other hand, this new architecture will support the instructions AVX-512 BFLOAT16 and VNNI as part of the ISA processor core.

Finally, at launch the maximum setting will be 16 cores and 32 threads processing with a TDP of 170W at a 5nm manufacturing process, they include integrated graphics Based on AMD RDNA2 architecture, the use of instructions AVX-512we also remind you that a new socket has been released, the AM5which will require memory storage DDR5-RAMin addition to integrating the PCIe 5.0 interface.

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