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AMD Ryzen 7000 lag could be caused by a problem with the BIOS

We already know the reason for the delay in the launch of the AMD Ryzen 7000and it is good that these CPUs will be announced August 29were supposed to hit the market on September 15, but now that date has been changed to September 27and it was stated that, as usual when launching a new family of AMD processors: the problem is in the bios.

From the popular Chinese forum Chiphell, the latest leaked information is revealed, indicating that the launch date has been postponed due to the problems encountered by AMD. with the design of their new BIOS for AMD Zen 4 processors.

Do the Ryzen 5000 youth problems return to these Ryzen 7000s and their BIOS?

AMD Ryzen 7000 BIOS lag

We saw this same problem with the launch of the Ryzen 5000 (Zen 3), users having to wait months after release to receive major BIOS updates, such as the one to fix the known problem with USB ports which has been viralized by content creators, so expect history to repeat itself in this new release.

BIOS issues on AMD Ryzen 7000 aren’t new to engineers

Obviously there was a delay in the release of two weeks, so hopefully that delay is to change the story that has come with every new release of an AMD Ryzen family, and it’s better to wait two weeks to get a stable and error-free systemthan coming back with a list of problems that we only know will be fixed in time.

Of course, something curious will happen, and that is that if the dates are met, the AMD Ryzen 7000 will go to market same day as Intel Raptor Lake processors, so the war will be served, and it is that for now the new family of AMD processors has several disadvantages with which they cannot do anything, and it is the additional cost that their new AM5 motherboards entail, which is combines with the need to use DDR5 memory. In Intel’s case, you can always turn to Alder Lake motherboards and DDR4 memory to dramatically reduce the cost of building a new system.

AMD will spend at least 2 months tweaking BIOS issues

The known leaker @harukaze5719 expanded the information when the news was released, thereby confirming that the problems with the BIOS were already being resolved at the beginning of August in progress.

“Yes, there are problems with the BIOS. But it was early August when I heard about it, and I thought it would be solved mostly by the end of August with the new AGESA and the BIOS It’s not perfect, but it can be public at least.

But it seems that AMD has decided to need more time for BIOS optimization.”

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