It’s unclear where the image came from, but we already have one AMD Ryzen 7000 which was stripped of its IHS. It was an unknown overclocker who showed that he had managed to “delid” a next-gen AMD processor, being curious that at least six of the eight “legs” that the IHS counts were stuck to the packaging of the CPU, while it is also evident that the company maintains contact of the dies with the encapsulation by welding which more efficiently transfer heat to the IHS where the cooling system is already expelling it out of the system.

AMD Ryzen 7000 Bundle

This, yes, it’s unclear if this unknown AMD Ryzen 7000 survived the deli, because it’s not clear if there are chip parts in the solder, or if there was really a lot of material between the IHS and the dies. Added to this is the added difficulty the new packaging designbecause between the legs are the capacitors of the processor, so any wrong move would mean destroying it and having to resort to a microscope, using new capacitors and, of course, having to solder it.

Now yes, it is quite curious that an image of a Ryzen 7000 without encapsulation has appeared but no benchmarks disclosed. At least we know they’re starting to fall into “wrong” hands, and that means we might start seeing performance leaks soon.

AMD Ryzen 7000

via: TechPowerUp