According to the latest industry rumors, with the advent of mobile processors AMD Ryzen 7000 the need to integrate dedicated graphics alongside the processor would be eliminated.

Although it is stated that this new generation of CPU will continue to use the same graphics architecture RDNA2 released in the Ryzen 6000, at least the power improvement will be related to the increase in the number of nuclei to avoid having to allocate wafers to low-end dedicated graphics chips, as well as to facilitate AMD-only solution-based laptop systems, eliminating the need to accompany their Nvidia or Intel graphics chips in the low and mid-range segment, which makes the product more expensive.

AMD Ryzen 7000 APUs
The AMD Radeon 680M is the company’s current high-end iGPU with 768 SP at 2.40 GHz

According to speculation, thanks to TSMC’s 5nm, the number of cores in Ryzen 7000 APUs could move between 1024 and 1536 cores (compared to the current maximum of 768 cores) as well as the use of LPDDR5X RAM and a possible new cache system (not Infinity Cache) is left in the air, to improve its performance as it happens in Sony console.

In terms of performance, we could talk about integrated graphics which, with the maximum number of cores at a frequency of 2.20GHz provide power to up to 6.75 TFLOPs, which is much more than the 4 TFLOPs of an Xbox Series S, and that would be halfway to reaching a PlayStation 5 (10.29 TFLOPs). In other words, even would outperform the infamous Radeon RX 6500 XT (5.76 TFLOP), so for laptops with panels at 1080p resolution, this is more than enough for any type of game at high graphics settings.

via: MyDrivers