Without notice, VESA launched with three manufacturers the first products which will be compatible with the new standard DisplayPort in its version 2.0. We are talking about DisplayPortUHBR (Ultra-high Bit Rate) of which we really know very little since few details have been revealed, except that the Ryzen 6000 they will be the first APUs to get it.

To ensure this, VESA has created, together with the three major industry supporters, a UHBR certification program through what is known as a Conformance Test Specification or CTS for its acronyms in English. This CTS is based on the DisplayPort 2.0 standard and it brings a series of very interesting improvements that will undoubtedly determine the screens and monitors of the future.

DisplayPort UHBR and the Ryzen 6000: AMD takes the lead

AMD-Ryzen-6000-DP2 Certified

As expected, the latest available version of the DisplayPort standard would evolve to be able to compete with HDMI 2.1 and quickly surpass it. UHBR will enable the fastest and highest bandwidths in the industry which are specified according to VESA in:

  • 8K 60Hz with uncompressed HDR.
  • 4K at 240Hz with HDR on a single screen.
  • Two 4K displays with 120Hz and HDR.
  • Four 4K displays at 60Hz with HDR.

All these video modes are suitable for a single cable, so the improvement is really interesting. Despite this, no further details have been provided, so we must take into account that it is more than likely that the bandwidth has not been changed as such and therefore we will continue to have, in theory , the 77.4 Gbps with the well-known efficiency of 97% in the link that joins the two extremes.

It’s not that these figures seen as such are impressive, we already know that DisplayPort 2.0 can reach resolutions such as 16K@60Hz and HDRbut these include DSC. Therefore, this new UHBR standard offers us HDR, more frequency and without using compression as such, in addition to adding the option of four screens, which was not available until now.

Therefore, that AMD obtains said certificate being the first company with Realtek and Mediatek This is undoubtedly a step forward in the industry, especially when it comes to APUs and not their GPUs as such. It is more than likely that other manufacturers like AMD itself are currently taking UHBR tests for different products to qualify for the AMD logo. DisplayPort Certified.