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AMD RX 7000 Release Date Leaked: Late October

The world of new graphics cards is constantly changing, with a wealth of information and dates constantly changing. So today we get some info from our favorite digimon @greymon55 on Twitter who claims that future AMD graphics cards are coming sooner than expected. Specifically, the date you mention on the AMD Radeon RX7000 with architecture RDNA3 It is between the end of october and half of November.

Popular hardware leaker @greymon55 posted an update on the possible AMD Radeon 7000 release date on Twitter today. In his own words, this information is very reliable and therefore we assume that it is highly likely that they will in fact appear sooner than expected.

The AMD RX 7000 would hit the market at the end of October

So we end up here with an earlier date than we originally expected. It would be very similar to the one used by NVIDIA to present its RTX 4000 series to the market, something common between these two companies. And it is that for years they have been in direct competition both in dates and in specifications, to see who wins the battle and takes the biggest share of the market.

From AMD, as we know, we have their graphics cards based on the architecture RDNA3who will come as Navi 31, Navi 32 Yes Navi 33. Among these, we know that the Navi 31 corresponds to its flagship, the future AMD RX7900XTwhile Navi 32 will correspond to its mid/high end range and Navi 33 to the entry level.

From its flagship we have some of its specifications such as the 12,288 stream processors distributed over a total of 96 calculation units (CPU), making it an MCM chip. Its turbo frequency would touch the 3GHz and would be accompanied by 24 GB by heart GDDR6 at 384 bit. In addition, it is powered via the interface PCIe 5.0 given its high consumption of some rumors 600W.

AMD Ryzen 7000 expected to arrive in September

AMD Ryzen 7000 September October

The Twitter leaker continued to give information, this time on processors AMD Ryzen 7000 situated at Zen 4. According to him, they would come out before AMD RX 7000 graphics, stating that late September to early October These are correct dates. This does not surprise us, because previously AMD already used similar intervals in its previous generations.

For example, the Ryzen 5000 appeared more than a month before the official launch of the AMD Radeon RX 6000. These types of changes in launches are usually used to counter their competition, be it Intel or NVIDIA. Be in competition in two different categories, CPUs and GPUs, amd you need to calculate the best launch time.

And for this reason, we say that these are dates that can perfectly change, entirely depending on the evolution of the market and the dates chosen by your competitors. Where we have no doubt is that Intel and NVIDIA won’t allow AMD to grab everyone’s attention. If the date is brought forward, it will force its rivals to accelerate theirs releasedif you don’t want to be left behind.

From Intelas we know, will compete in CPU with its raptor lake 13th generation, with a large increase in CPI against the Ryzen 7000. Also at some point, it’s unclear when, its graphics IntelARC They will arrive to compete in the gaming market.

On the side of Nvidiawe know, the competition will be done in GPU with its RTX4000 series, promising performance increases of up to 2 times the current generation, yes, with very high consumption. These are also expected September Where octoberso stay tuned.

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