According to one of the first rumors about the future family of GPUs AMD Instinct MI300this indicates that AMD has opted for a 3D stacking design to create graphics chips with configurations of up to 8 days of calculation under the same package. These dies will be manufactured by TSMC using a manufacturing process of 5nmwill publish the new graphical architecture CDNA3and will be accompanied by up to 4 I/O matrices in the most advanced configuration manufactured for 6nmnext to two stacks of HBM3 memory under the same package, and using the PCI-Express 5.0 interface.

According to these early reports, all of this combined will result in power consumption greater than 600W of powernothing unreasonable if we take into account that currently an AMD Instinct MI250X has a TDP of 560W.

AMD Instinct MI300 chips

On the other hand, it is stated that each AMD Instinct MI300 compute die should be around 110mm² in size, while the most powerful variant’s interposer would reach 2750mm². These matrices would also have about 20,000 connections between them, which is double what Apple offers in its most advanced chip, the M1 Ultra. For now, all the details about its eventual availability in the market are unknown, but it is expected that it already is. in the home stretch this year.

via: Moore’s Law Is Dead | video cardz