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AMD EPYC processors will reach 18% market share in 2024

When we talk about amd and your share of market in waiters, one cannot help but think of the famous heavy in the comments of 2% or 3%, given the little popularity that the company had in this sector. But that is a thing of the past, since with EPYCthe company manages to reach more and more customers, to the point of hoping that it will reach a market share from 18 percent by 2024. With this, Intel and his xeon to lose ground, but yes, here who wins is not AMD, but RMAwhich will triple its market share.

We can recognize that AMD has nothing to do with what it was ten years ago, at least in the processor market. Always overtaken by Intel, it was trying to launch a CPU with higher number of cores and frequencies, but with a CPI so low that his performance was poor and its high consumption. with the architecture ZenAMD was able to achieve this competitive CPI and thus sweep the performance over its former AMDFX. But not only did the gaming market benefit from it, but its server processors sparked the interest of potential buyers.

AMD EPYC Server Processors to See 80% Growth in 2024 vs. 2020

AMD EPYC CPU Server Market Share 18% 2024

According to a recent report by DigiTimes, the market share of EPYC server processors will experience a increase huge in the years to come. And it is that, while the processors EPYC They had a share of 10.1% in 2020in 2023 it is expected to reach a 16.3% and in 2024 reach a 18%. With these data, we therefore observe a growth of 80% in only 4 years in the AMD server processor market.

This is not something that surprises us, because many supercomputers top500 in the world are powered by AMD chips. In fact, the first computer to exascale of the world, Borderhas a jumpsuit 100% amd, both CPU and GPU. Another reason for this incredible increase in sales is the need for more cores, where AMD will offer up to 128 hearts with EPYC Bergamo in 2023.

There’s absolutely nothing Intel can do here, as its future high-end Intel Xeons (Sapphire Rapids-SP) will only reach a maximum of 56 hearts with 400W of PDT. Therefore, it is possible that industry giants such as microsoft Yes Google choose EPYC processors for their servers, turning the market balance in favor of AMD.

ARM CPUs will reach 10% market share in 2024, 3 times more than in 2020

ARM CPU Server Growth 10% 2024

Not only is AMD gaining ground in the market for waiters, also ARM promises to give competition to this sector. Additionally, processors RMA will experience even greater growth, from a share of barely 3% in 2020 still ten% in 2024, multiplying its presence by three in just 4 years. As can be seen, the only loser in the server business seems to be Intel, which is expected to release a Xeon with significantly more cores or more economical if you want to get up.

“Servers powered by ARM-based processors should get a share of Dispatch almost 10% in 2024, a spectacular increase of 3% in 2020, with Amazon and NVIDIA as the main promoters of the servers.”

Nvidia is ready to launch serial server processors Grace based on ARM which are integrated with GPU and UPD target the server market HPC and AI in the cloud. The product line is expected to significantly increase the share of ARM-based server processor shipments from 2024.”

“With the current trade tensions between United States Yes ChinaARM-based servers will also get a expansion in China. Ali Baba presented his server processor Developed in-house based on ARM Yitian 710 in the fourth quarter of 2021 and will implement the CPU in its platform infrastructure Alibaba Cloud.”

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