The deluge of AMD news is over, it’s time to talk about processors AMD EPYC Genoa-Xwhich pride themselves on offering a maximum configuration of up to 96 cores and 192 processing threads under the architecture AMD Zen4 to a manufacturing process 5nm from TSMC, the most relevant being that thanks to V-Cache technology, it can be combined with access to an L3 cache with more than 1 GB capacity. Remember that its predecessor, the AMD EPYC Milan-X processor, was able to offer up to 768 MB of L3 cache with this technology.

The rest of the performance improvements are related to access to DDR5 RAM, PCI-Express 5.0 interface and CXL interface.

AMD EPYC Genoa-X and Siena

On the other hand we will have the AMD EPYC Sienaof which are indicated to be optimized for advanced artificial intelligence and telecommunications with a maximum configuration of up to 64 AMD Zen4 cores low cost optimized for high performance per watt consumed, so we would be talking about cores AMD Zen4cthat these could achieve a 4nm manufacturing process.

AMD EPYC Genoa-X and Siena processors won’t arrive until next year.