It is not the first time that distant drums have been heard proclaiming that Intel could make future chips for major industry playersand it is that the current panorama places us at TSMC as the best foundry currently available for brands, although there is a main problem, and that is that it cannot supply all of its customers at the same time, and a clear example of this is that Apple and Intel will have priority access to 2nm and 3nmwhereas in more common processes these marks are added MediaTek, Nvidia or AMD itself triple, if we add that the supply of Sony and Microsoft chips for their consoles depends on it.

Intel Foundry Services

Everything seems to indicate that in the near future TSMC’s main rival will be Intel itself, which has a perfect strategy: for now, it is using the competition’s cutting-edge silicon for its own use while its foundries catch up, and as long as they do so, they make their own products and start operate as a third-party foundry to produce chips for other companies to generate revenue, and according to the latest rumors, that Intel itself has entered into TSMC as one of its main customers would force AMD to turn to Intel for the manufacture of some of its future products.

Without going any further, recently it has also been said that Nvidia could turn to Intel as a future partner for the production of chips. In essence, the best chips (TSMC) would go to their most profitable, high-end products, while Nvidia could produce more affordable products, such as mid/low-end graphics for the gaming and professional markets with wafers. Intel, which is the very idea that Intel has established with TSMC wafers, not to mention that Nvidia would already have a fixed place as a customer when Intel is able to compete with TSMC in the most advanced manufacturing processes in the market. , which is a long-term competitive advantage.

via: PCG