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AMD could lose $675 million in sales in 2023

It is not new to say that the PC market is going to see big changes, with downward trends and falling sales and shipments. In 2022, sales of pcfalls one 9.5%while the smart phones they will do it in a 7.1%. Next year the situation will continue and it is estimated that amd will have some losses $675 million in GPU and CPU sales during 2023.

Faced with falling sales and shipments of PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, companies are preparing to face losses. so much worry, Manzana, Nvidia Yes amd reduce wafer orders to TSMC, given the drop in sales. However, it looks like consoles are in luck and won’t suffer the same misfortune, or so the latest reports reveal.

In 2023, AMD will experience a 6% decline in CPU sales and a 7% decline in GPU sales

Loss of AMD sales 6% GPU 7%

According to a report by Northlandcomposed of analysts and investment groups, the sales of processors Yes graphics cards from AMD will drop significantly in 2023. Thus, they claim that AMD’s revenue in the CPU business will fall by 6% over the next year. In contrast, graphics card sales will do so at a seven% next year.

This represents a total loss of $675 million for amd for the year 2023, if the forecasts come true exactly. Moreover, it is estimated that Xilinxcreators and manufacturers of fpgas, you will also notice a loss of 6% of your income. Don’t forget that this company was bought by AMD, for a total of $49.8 billion.

AMD Stock Losses July 2022

That said, we see how AMD sees its Shares hastily, where in just 1 month, they have falls a 32%. However, the report gives hopeful information that an incredible increase from 55% income on the market waitersreaching $3.1 billion in 2023. This means CPU sales AMD EPYC for servers will continue to be an option to choose intel xeon. This change should minimize the losses of other AMD sectors in 2023.

Video game consoles will see their revenues increase by 8% in 2023

PS5 Xbox Series X video consoles 8% increase

On the other hand, we see how the video game console market will see more sales in the next year. This increase in sales is specified for consoles Sony PlayStation 5, xbox x series Yes S-series from Microsoft, not to mention others like the Nintendo Switch. Therefore, revenue from the sale of these consoles will increase by 8%that’s to say, $400 million.

This will achieve the $1.14 billion over the previous forecast of $740 million. With that, it’s clear that consoles are, in many cases, the go-to option for the players. With a lower upfront cost, whenever there is availability, you avoid having to pay a markup by PC components such as graphics cards. Even so, we have to take into account the situation we are going through, where customers are more conservative when buying something like this.

With a inflation globally, a war Come in Russia Yes Ukraine active since February and a uncertainty In general, it is difficult for the market to grow if everything continues like this. Every time the poor are poorer and even the middle class is demoted economic levelwhile it occupies the majority of consumers.

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