We return to our analysis of GPU prices, thanks to data compiled by 3DCenter for the current month of May, where we see a positive downward trend in prices, reducing them by 5%. We see a decrease in 12% to 7% for amd and of 19% to 14% for Nvidia, comparing the data to that of 2 weeks ago. That would be great news, as the days of inflated graphics prices seem to be over and, as a result, NVIDIA and AMD GPU prices are coming down.

Amd Nvidia Curve May

However, it must be remembered that this is a global average among all graphics cards, since for example we still have models with a still very high price, such as AMD RX6800 with a +36% margin (vs 41%) followed by Nvidia RTX-3060Ti (+31%) and AMD RX6800XT (+27%).

Will GPUs continue to drop in price at NVIDIA and AMD?

Luckily, these would be the most expensive options right now, because practically the rest of the graphics cards have seen their price drop. We highlight among them:

  • amd RX6500XTdown 6% and remaining at a price 11% lower than the recommended price.
  • amd RX6600XTwhich fell 7%, resulting in a price 1% lower than the recommended price, essentially its standard price.
  • The Nvidia RTX-3080Ti which saw its price fall by 5%, remaining at a price 4% lower than its recommended price.
  • The Nvidia RTX-3090 fell 8%, selling at a 6% more than its recommended price.
  • The Nvidia RTX-3070Tiwhich takes advantage of a 7% decline, selling at a 11% of its recommended price.

If this trend continues, probably in a few weeks we will start seeing decently priced graphics even in Spain, as GPU crypto mining is becoming less and less profitable.

VIA: 3D Center